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  1. Just to update this topic, I've still got the Jiayu G3S & am very pleased with it as I've had no problems with it whatsoever. The FM stereo reception uses the earphone jack lead as an aerial, & mine was quite short. By using a longer lead, I now receive FM stereo via the radio so I'm well chuffed! Blue
  2. OK, thanks to RussellS for confirming that the FM radio isn't in stereo, & that you can get a stereo output, but via internet streaming. Deadonthestairs, if you're still interested, & you have an ebay a/c, contact me via ebay. My a/c there is "details removed" and we can discuss things there rather than on a public forum. Cheers, Blue
  3. Firstly, the supplied headphones (non genuine) are absolute rubbish so I've been using my old Sony ones instead. Problem is though, the output comes out as mono when using the FM radio. I've looked though the phone to see if there's a setting - can't find one. The manufacturers website spec sheet just says FM, not stereo FM, same as the chipset manufacturers site too. Any other owners have this same problem, or does your radio play back in Stereo? Incidentally, the non genuine earphones has 4 separate "connections" on the jack plug with a press to talk button, whereas the older Sony has 3 - left, right, common; and no press to talk facility. Any potential solutions gratefully received! Blue
  4. I might be selling one as the sound when using the FM radio & headphones is mono, not stereo. For me, this is a big disappointment, for other people, this might not be a deal breaker as they might never use the headphone socket. Let me know if you're interested - I won't be charging Sterling 164, just enough to get my money back. Oh, it's silver with a UK charger. No headphones. London based. Blue
  5. Hi robo27, Once again, you've provided an insightful user overview of the functions of this phone, & have included information that doesn't appear anywhere else but is of importance to potential owners. It just goes to show that the manufacturer doesn't seem to have a clue about what purchasers require in the way of technical info, & instead just give out the most basic of information, with lots of pretty pictures! ( I have to confess though, I DO like the look of it) Anyway, if I think of any more questions re this phone, I know who the expert is to ask. Cheers, Blue.
  6. Hi robo27, Just wanted to say thanks very much for a very informative owners review. One of the main problems I've found is that the info on the web can be so conflicting. I read somewhere that the G3S didn't have Gorilla glass, though the G3 did, & that, as you mentioned yourself, it didn't have the N standard for WiFi. When I originally checked out the manufacturers site, neither Gorilla glass, or N was mentioned; checking it out recently though, both are now included in the specs. One thing I've never seen mentioned is the FM radio frequency range. Is it the standard 88 - 108 Mhz? I probably used my phone as a radio more than a phone, so this would be of interest. Can you save the frequencies? How many stations can you save? If you've used the radio, is the sound quality OK? Does it have a graphic equaliser, or bass boost? Just wondered! Anyway, I think you got a great deal for £101 so I might make an offer as the silver one I want is selling for 130 Pounds on that other site. ;) Cheers Blue
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