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  1. @josalaito: Now that there's a stable CM build for the Y300/G510, could you perhaps look into the prospect of getting the ROM ported to another device with the same h/w, i.e., the Ascend G600 (U8950-1)? I'd be extremely grateful if you could lend your expertise on the matter.
  2. I see. Well, thanks for the quick reply :)
  3. First off, kudos to the OP for working on this :) I recently got my hands on a ZTE V9C (Capacitive, QC 800Mhz version) and have been looking ever since for a decent custom ROM. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any of the CWM recoveries linked in this forum to work on my device - It would hang up at boot loader screen. Then I came across the device's thread in the 4PDA Russian forums. Therein I found a working CWM recovery ( and a very decent PA ICS ROM. When I tried to flash your CM 10/1 ROMs, however, I fell back to square one. Only this time the device entered a boot loop within a few seconds on being turned on. I suspect this has to do with the kernel (I'm mostly guessing here) that this ROM comes with. Any ideas on how I can proceed further, if at all? Thanks in advance.
  4. No one? I was dearly hoping that the ROM chef would offer his comments.
  5. Um, it wasn't as much a port request as it was a question. I merely wanted to know if it was possible and if so, what sort of changes one would have to add to the mix to get a viable ROM.
  6. I posted this in one of the other CM10.1 thread but received no reply. I hope I'm not amiss in reposting it here (seeing how this thread's more active).
  7. Hello! I was wonder if it would be feasible to use this ROM as a base to port CyanogenMod to the Huawei Ascend G600 (U8950-1). Both the G510 and the G600 use the same chipset and, it would seem, much of the same hardware. Seeing how Huawei has no plans to bring Jelly Bean to my device, it'd seem like this would be my only hope (well, I could try and build AOSP myself but after having had the repo tool thwart my every attempt to pull from the remote repo, I've just about had it). Thanks in advance.

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