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  1. The roms are good but it's so laggy. If someone take their themes and put in Cm base.
  2. Installed 6 days ago , Y300 - 0100 was having some camera problem.Camera just crashing.
  3. Hi ,there has anyone have problem with camera on LeWa Os for Huawei y300-0100 ?
  4. It's just me or the quality of image from camera in R5 was better than R6 ?
  5. I want to say thanks you very much for the rom , only one question will you put the Radio in the rom ?
  6. don't know how you test ,because when I run antutu the phone is restarting.
  7. found a bug , when music is run and someone is calling there is no sound from call
  8. Thanks very much for this rom , is there a way to activate the memory usage.
  9. Version V1.0 with EmotionUI https://mega.co.nz/#...2V2rUeWAf9tMcOY - link don't work
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