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  1. This kernel is excellent! Can you add overclock to 1400 MHz same miui 3.10? Thanks !!!
  2. Ceastel, please insert overclock in g510. MIUI v 5 for example implement a kernel with 1400 mhz overclock and the phone is pretty fast..but i don't like miui.. MANY THANKS!!!!!
  3. On g510 0.48 kernel don't work. With stock or Cm 10.1, the system don't boot.
  4. FANTASTIC 4.4!!! Fast with only some lag! thanks DAZ!! You are the best...
  5. in g510 with cm10.1, when reboot phone his stuck on cyano logo in loop.
  6. Illusion. The most fast and stable ROM!!!
  7. This is fantastic!!!!! Great Dazzozo!
  8. This ROM si smoothness!!! Great..there are only some lags in "control panel"and some reboots. Thanks!!
  9. In build 26 persist green line in you tube. G510. Good performance Thanks Daz!
  10. Camera and camcorder is very fluid now. But when push play pause camera and audio crash. Thanks!
  11. How disable dithering in cm 10.2?thanks
  12. The new build is more smooth, good. When REC in videorecorder and press pause/REC the gallery and camera crash and audio die. Great work!! Thanks PS: g510
  13. Amazing update! The ROM is very smooth now! Thanks Joe!!!!!!

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