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  1. You try probably with swaper 2, not bricked just need to flash stock update from sd card. It was hapen to me too. But i was have swap on cm10.2 with Ram Expander on cm11 cant creat.
  2. What about swap, on 10.2 it was posible with ram expander on 11 cant make it. Any kernel with swap suport?
  3. Is ther any chance to make swap i try with Ram Expander not working in cm 10.2 works fine sry for my english
  4. dont work for me, on previus version i just set name and apn and save on this version ask for mcc and mnc when i type and click on save just exit from configuration and no profile its y300 and 1102 cm
  5. latest nightly cant conect data, on previus i just set manualy APN's and it was work but on this i cant save apn config, any sugestions btw no single reboot dont using youtube on phon so green line is not problem for me, evrything work great only problem with data conection sry for english
  6. how to make swap with ram expander on internal sd
  7. velo85

    Y300-0100 BRICKED :(

    tray this rom http://www.ulozto.net/xEnzUau/y300-0100-v100r001c00b176custczec40d001-ta-rar dload on sd and vol + vol - power on
  8. Hi, great ROM two days with out problems is ther any chance to make swap im using y300 with twrp i made swap in twrp ext4, is that enough or need to do somthing else sry for english
  9. velo85

    [ROM] CM 10.1 + Daily Driver Tweaks

    link for sisco kernel for CM10.1 is broken, can you post another one ty
  10. velo85

    Lewa OS 4.1.2 ROM

    what version of viber work on this rom, on original rom i was use 2.2.0 but on this not working, can anyone help sry for english

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