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  1. I couldn't find a search function for the thread, wondering if I can use the switch with two roms of my choice? Or are specific ones needed?
  2. Correct me if I am wrong but he has said that this should work between any two sense and ge rom combinations. I'm assuming the system partition is structured differently in ge compared to sense. I'm assuming as well that this switch is hard coded to setting up the ge partition data or the sense partition data specifically when switched to that choice. I hope I'm making sense. Point is I'm thinking this will only work between a ge rom and a sense rom. To have this work between two roms of any kind our phones can support I'm not sure will work. We'll have to wait for Paul to say something. Anyway, just woke up moments ago. I hope this made sense :-\
  3. Minus the fact that I couldn't go a day with it being at 1800mah it's pretty awesome! I would get my wife one, but she still loves her One s
  4. +1 @paulobrien will this work between any two roms?
  5. Is there an official thread for switch? Or is this it?
  6. If I remember correctly GE roms that I've downloaded are about 450MB, should be a sinch. Great work Paul! Can't wait to flash this into daily use
  7. He said in his video that he would be working on this.
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