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  1. So, I finally got the bootloader unlocked, received my unlockcode from Huawei today. So far so good. But now TWRP is installed and the touch is not working in the recovery, all i can do is a battery pull to reboot the device. How do I install a working recovery from this state? CWM if that's possible...
  2. But just to be clear; it's impossible to install CWM without an unlocked bootloader? Pretty nooby in this, my apologies.
  3. Thanks in advance, i'll get back to this thread as soon as i get stuck again. Planning on writing an in dept tutorial when i get this sorted out. Hurray for the internet community!
  4. I guess I fixed the drivers problem, was so stupid NOT to look into my phone itself for the drivers. They seem to have installed fine. So now it's just a waiting game for an unlocking code?
  5. Thanks a lot, that's explains lot's of my problems... Now i disabled "fastboot" in the settings menu, and I still don't seem to be able to startup the phone in fastboot-mode? Or is it normal that the "Huawei Ascend" logo is still on the screen when the phone is in fastbootmode? I guess so... When i plug it in in this state, my computers tell's me it was unable to install the drivers for my device. I've been looking around for the windows 7 (x64) drivers for the Huawei G510-0100 but I can't find them anywhere. The only file on huawei's official website is a stock rom file, no drivers... Any idea?
  6. Hi everybody, After owning a dozen of android devices, i picked up a Huawei G510 today to play around with. I do have a problem. I rooted the device, went fine, I have superuser now and ROM Control installed. But i just CAN'T get clockworkmod recovery installed. I tried some versions from the ROM manager, but none of them seem to work; i keep going back to the "android system recovery <3e>", with a dead android laying on the floor with a triangle in his stomach :) I tried to put the device in fastboot (take the battery out - press volume down + power for couple of second) but i can't get into fastboot mode. When i press volume UP + power the device just takes me to the "android system recovery". Not to CWM. I'd love to be able to install custom roms, because i can't seem to do that with the current recovery, it always tells me "rom install aborted" or something similar. Any ideas? What CWM version should i download? And how do i get it installed if i can't get into fastboot mode? Thanks in advance! gr
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