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  1. I have used my mobile for navigation in big cities and it worked very good, if this mobile is more precise and quicker to fix position, it is crystal clear to me that it would work better in any situation
  2. I think components and build quality of this phone are terrible, I had those white spots from day zero and turned it back to china
  3. yes, it does, it comes even with a compass widget preinstalled yes, perfect, less than 20 seconds for first time fix of the sattelites, I put thl w200 and caesar h7500+ side by side with same inclination and orientation, and w200 fixes satelites faster, precision is also better, about 1 or 2 meter more precise I have extendedly tested caesar gps and it is quite good, but w200 seems to be even better
  4. I already have a thl w200 replacing the v5, 10 more dollars paid and I get back case cover, extra battery and 2 screen protectors, turbo micro processor and 8GB internal sd everything works perfect, I cannot see why anybody should buy this vowney.. only otg added, but at the cost of having worse materials and functioning
  5. if a solution is worked out I will post it here, but at least one of the affected ones has got an RMA to send the phone back
  6. first step to solve a problem is acknowledgement .. are we closer to a solution? time will tell
  7. in spanish forums there are several v5 with very weak wifi signal, and even with no wifi at all
  8. I don't trust this seller either, after viewing lack of feedback a friend of mine bought this morning one a820 from antelife, 150$ but trusted seller
  9. excelent price for a very good phone
  10. sorry, I don't look for the cheapest phone, just for a good working phone, thl and zopo clones (caesar and hero) are good cheap phones, but maybe the price is a little higher, I think there is a thl w100 model with 4.5 screen, qhd resolution that costs 140-150 USD, it works quite well from the reviews I have read, there is also a 4.5 lenovo model , the A820 in the same price range, a good machine also with similar price specs, a work mate has this lenovo
  11. elsita

    Vowney / Verne V5

    the tpu gel back cover case for the zp810 fits perfect, but the holes are in different places, so I guess any 5 inches case will fit fine, look for a phone with similar holes that have the case you want to buy, aliexpress.com is a good place to search for it
  12. if that is true, a solution may arrive some day, and if the v5 with a working compass is malfunctioning too, there is a hope it is only a software problem, I thought the one with the working compass worked fine, but it does not seem to do it ... this is good news :) about compass calibration, it is very easy, you have to make a couple of turns in the three mobile axis to calibrate it automatically, you don't need any special app, usually drawing an 8 parallel to the floor with the phone works the same
  13. elsita

    Vowney / Verne V5

    hardware buttons malfunctioning are quite common in the v5 received from pandawill in spain, it is not a software problem, making use of your warranty is the only solution
  14. I am not, but there are a couple of forum mates that are using it, posting impressions and answering questions, that's how I know compass is not working either http://www.movilesdu...80X720-DUAL-SIM and they have posted some of the info in the thread as a review here: http://taliandroid.c...del-tengda-t94/ both places are in spanish, use google translator if you don't read spanish, you can ask me too the review talks about a weak gps signal, as there only two devices reporting data, we don't know if it is a characteristic of the model or it is a problem with their units, I don't expect much quality with that price anyway, but it seems the hardware problems we are having in spain with the v5 are much more serious and frequent you can buy 10 pieces for 82USD each ... http://www.pandawill.com/tengda-t94-smartphone-android-42-mtk6589-quad-core-1g-4g-50-inch-hd-screen-80mp-camera-white-p75792.html
  15. the problems you are having navigating are caused by the non functioning compass, they are not gps, but compass related, when you slow down navigators rely on compass changes, but this mobile cannot do it i have been using for several months a caesar h7500+, it is a zopo zp810 with different brand, I can assure you that navigation with this mobile is excellent too, and you can buy por 190 USD with a second battery and protector screen included Thl models also navigate well, and you have several models to choose, you have a 5 inches hd ips screen with turbo processor, 8GB sd intern and two batteries for 199 USD with discounts of 15 USD in several popular chinese online stores
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