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    Huawey Y300,Nexus 7 32gb
  1. Unfortunately battery drain's fast but is usable (i think...) D: Huawey Y300-0100
  2. So RIL,Y300 screen,battery drain and Video recording are the last bugs?
  3. Camera still not recognized (Huawey Y300-0100)
  4. I resolve statusbar problem by simply restart SystemUI from Rom Toolbox app
  5. So as i can see from you're update you have definetly fixed RIL problem? That's right?
  6. I have this model too (Y300-0100) installed correctly and no problem!!!
  7. Some bug but daily usable!!Good work tillaz for beta1,rom very stable and very FAST!! Best rom for Y300
  8. I found a bug...3g data don't work :( Huawey Y300-0100 Edit - I had to configure APN,problem solved :D
  9. Ooooh man you're a genius.Only one question: This rom is pure android based? (ALL things from huawei removed)
  10. I've tried last build on my Y300-0100 and actually it doesn't boot

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