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  1. Hey guys, I need your help, when making a call on this rom the screen goes black and it just freezes, sometimes it actually connects but unless the other person disconnects the screen stays black. Is there a way to resolve this, if so could you be so kind to explain in detail and with links if needed? It has been long since I was into the development for this phone and dont have the time to re-invent the weel.
  2. I have replaced the phone now, replaced it with the 'oneplus one' oneplus.net So I won't be helping here anymore as this old phone is not mine anymore.
  3. Often they are due to that, but if you just keep reinstalling the ROM and CWM it WILL fix it and I know this for sure as I was having the same problems, but when I started reinstalling the ROM more often after like 11 or 12 times the rebooting stopped. I know for sure that it is not due to 3g as I don't use 3g.
  4. I´ve had this problem as well, reinstall the WHOLE rom again, but wipe EVREYTHING, even the things you don´t know what they are for, I did this and now its working like a charm. Also after all these wipes, reinstall the CWM and then the ROM. Also, it might help to change CWM to cm9 compatible and then go back, the baseband should be fixed then (I hope) and the signal should work again.
  5. This will NOT haoppen as all developers have gone to another phone, this problem has been arround since cm10, all updates will be CM specific updates and not device specific. Also, if I were you I would go back to GBX Extreme by kyan.
  6. A bit late but I haven't been on a while. Use nova launcher instead, works like a charm (using it for over 3 months now'
  7. Latest swiftkey doesn't work, no xposed installer, no Clash of Clans and snapchat is an older version. (Edit: Also many other apps are older or don't work) Also I agree with Rhen. Did you unlock your bootloader officially? If so that could be our problem...
  8. You can't say that it wont answer calls, it does but due to a bug you need to follow some steps in order to let it work. This problem might be anoying as hell but still, there is no faster ROM out there, not even the GB roms, and even if there was a GB one that was faster this one supports all apps while many are unavaileble on GB.
  9. Everyone complaining about the problems with sms and calling things, as I was on this ROM when it was still in pre-development (other threat). It won't and seems to be impossible to fix for me, we have had this discussion on here before, even when most developers were commenting as well it was just impossible for them to solve. the only thing I know which will solve it for a while are these steps: 0. REBOOT YOUR PHONE!! 1. call a phone you have acces to. 2. Answer the call and wait like 10 seconds. 3. Stop the call from the phone on the other end (not the g300 as its screen wont work 90% of the times, even if it does DON'T use the g300 to han up) 3. Put the g300 in your pocket WITHOUT trying to turn it on. 4. Leave it alone for like 5-10 mins and it will work again. I know it will take some time every time you reboot your phone but for me it works. Please react if it works for you also!
  10. Guys, even though it says that Hynix MIGHT be fixed, it probably is not, as long as it is not 100% confirmed that hynix is fixed I would advice against using cm11, there are 2 other Android versions widly suported here, GB and ICS (not including JB as it was a s*** upgrate). My advice would go to any ROM of Kyan31, at least for GB.
  11. Hey guys, wich CWM version would you advise me, r3 or r8? ( http://www.modaco.com/topic/359191-recovery-cwm-clockworkmod-recovery-v6045-cm-last-updated-2112/ ) I just want my rom to work again, I am comming from a bad version of GBEXTREME (nothing worked as it schould have)
  12. I am having the same problems, I can´t even see many files on my 32GB (Class 10 sandisk) microsd. Also I can´t download fotos from whatsapp whithout rebooting first, this is also for downloading any other file. I have tried to fix these prolems by wiping the phone multiple times but it didn´t work. Going back to cm11 because it works better on my device.
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