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  1. This rom is marvelous (have 4.3b installed) Really love the boot-animation ;-) and also the carousel with pictures, which is already placed on the homescreen (total left and total right) Which app is this? I have the same problem and am also interested in a solution! What I already have tried: The patch for the play store did not resolve it (thought it might have). Have also tried to download apk's from the internet, both for play services and for hangout, but these were no help. I am planning to take a look at logcat later on, maybe this will help EDIT: Ok, little hacky :unsure: but I solved it by downloading the latest apk for the play store and pushing it into the /system/app directory via adb and rebooting! adb push D:\username\Downloads\com.android.vending-4.1.10.apk /system/app Hope others will be helped with this!
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