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  1. Now the File is not found in the site .. PLEASE fix this or Re-upload it PLEEEASE ! wanna try it ..
  2. oh I HATE BUGGGGS :angry2: Alright .. I wish the best for all developers ,,, Thank you rhen & dalyer .. :)
  3. Okay ,, now I know what Logcat is ... I noticed that when I try to use WhatsApp calls the Logcat writes : ( 3831 soundpool: error creating AudioTrack ) I am not a programmer & I do not know about how to fix Errors like this .. Should I send this to Dazzozo ??
  4. Thanks ,, Well .. I installed a LogCat app and it shows many lines that I do not understand ! what is next please ?
  5. - dalyer - Thank you for reply :D OK how do I find ( CatLog ) in my ROM ??
  6. Hello ,, I use [KitKat 4.4.4] ROM By Dazzozo ... It works [ PERFECT ] for me ,, but with the latest WhatsApp update I got an issue that I couldn't answer any WhatsApp call , when someone calls me on the app I just receive the call but when I answer it hangs-up the call and return to WhatsApp normal chat screen !! & the same problem when I start a call for anyone of my contacts too !! I also tried to install kk 4.4.2 and JB 4.3.1 (all are ROMs of Dazzozo) But the same problem is still present .. Is this problem occurred with anyone here ? What is the solution please ?
  7. Guys this Rom is not available !! the file is DELETED ! any one has a new link for this ROM pls. ???
  8. I hope they build a version of android 5.0 (L) for G300 .. I can not wait to install and use it on my phone ! Please hurry up G300 development team we are waaaaaiting for you great work ! :) >>> Wish you all the BEST <<<
  9. Not yet as i am doing some work this days :wacko: and i really need my phone to be working in a stable ROM for this week( currently JB 4.3.1) so i decided to leave this change to the next week probably .. THANKS ,,,
  10. Okay .. I will read about changing to 2030 baseband in the links you gave Thank you SO MUCH dalyer & Of course this helped me a lot to identify the problem ,, I appreciate that ,, THANKS again ,,,
  11. Yes i am on 19808 baseband... I bought the phone unlocked !.. & when i wanted to try custom ROM i deleted the stock GB rom and installed a JB rom ( AOKP rom was the firist rom i installed after deleting GB) so I do not know what is the ICS bootloader problem ! I am usually able to install almost all JB & KK Roms without any problems like what happened with this one .. However ,, i am thinking in flashing this Rom(SlimBean) by taking a backup from some one and restore it in my device ... but i do not know a place where i can download ROMs backups ? ....(YES I think it is silly idea but maybe it works ) ! :unsure: ..
  12. By the way .. i could not install TWRP ,, I tried many times with many methods .. but the phone get stuck on huawei logo ! but (CWM) is OK for me ,,
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