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  1. How do these roms compare to superslim and cm7 performance-wise? Are they good? Thanks!
  2. Salamin

    Tapatalk and Facebook

    Hello, I've recently installed Tapatalk on my phone but I'm having problems logging into the Modaco forums through Tapatalk. My Facebook account is used to log into Modaco but I can't work out how to use that data to log in with Tapatalk. Is there a way to do it or must I create a new account? Thanks!
  3. Benchmark results from last night. I'm pretty happy with it Thanks!
  4. Your welcome! I'm used to the keyboard taking longer to minimize, but it always covered the screen, and this morning everything started moving up before minimizing. It happens with all the keyboards, even stock one. It's just a visual thing, but I'm just wondering what causes it. I'm thinking it could be one of those performance zips I flashed last night, but as I didn't like it, I wiped everything and did a clean install again... EDIT: I've just changed some settings about the screen indicator and now the screen doesn't move anymore!
  5. Thanks, this worked! In CM settings / Interface / Energy widget / widget buttons there's an option that says "network settings" or something like that (I have it in spanish, I don't know which is the actual translation). There, I got the 2G / Just 3G / 2G + 3G option, check it out! One more question: Lately, once I finish typing and press the home button, the home screen appears first, and as the keyboard takes one more second to go down, the whole screen moves up. I don't know if you understand: I see the keyboard and the dock on top of it, instead of being covered by the keyboard. I don't know why this started happening lately. Any idea on how to solve it? I'm kind of spamming the post lol, but it's just so because I'm really liking the rom and I'm using it a lot, so that's when I find these little details, but it's really good! Thanks in advance
  6. Can you guys silence the camera? I can't, even with the option ticked in CM settings
  7. Thanks! Gonna try it Works perfectly well now!
  8. Yeah I turned it off, but when I select the option I get FC. It's set in China by default, I'm from Argentina, but I cannot even see the list, it just closes. I was able to change it with the app I mentioned before and now everything is fine, but I'm telling you just in case Great job btw, I think I'm staying with cm7 instead of superslim!
  9. It's great by now! Are you also unable to change time zone? This seems to be messing with some things. For example, I recieve WhatsApp messages and it displays a different date from when I send my own messages. Any clue on how to solve this? It runs really smooth, though EDIT: I downloaded an app, timezone changer, which seems to have solved the problem... let's see what happens
  10. Sounds good! I'll have to try it then. Is performance as good as superslim? That's what I'm looking for. Where can I get those cool skins? Thanks for your reply! Haha the same happened to me. Happy with superslim, but this is too tempting...
  11. How does this Rom compares to superslim? seems good,thanks for sharing!
  12. Salamin

    [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    Spirit seems to work, although I cannot find any station... probably it's due to the fact that I'm Argentinian
  13. Salamin

    [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    I've tried the FM radio in this post, but I keep getting FC
  14. Salamin

    [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    Now that I see you talking about downgrading: I bought my phone with ics, then flashed some ics ROMs and now I'm happy with superslim, but I've never done any downgrading, I just flashed the rom. Should I? What would change? Just being able to OC?

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