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  1. Look up HTC One T-Mobile stock ROM. There's one by HTC Guru for the UK :) Just flash it :)
  2. Well it seems development on this has been lost. Real shame as it had immense potential. Thanks for the ride, but I'm done with the One and moved on to the Nexus 5. :)
  3. Hey Paul, Any idea on when we can expect another update? I know you're super busy between this, the Galaxy S4 SWITCH, and the fact you have a job, but just curious. Thanks!
  4. Don't know 1 or 4. 2. It should work. No reason why it wouldn't. It's tied into the chip used not the software I believe. Not 100%, but about 85% sure. 3. Wipes are sometimes required. Sometimes they aren't. However, Paul is making it so that you rarely have to wipe now (if ever). And I flashed the 4.3 GPE update (the super minor 15 Mb additional one) over mine and the first time it bootlooped it, second time it worked fine. So be sure to back up. :)
  5. Home button doesn't work for me in GPE anymore. Any fix for this? Might have already been addressed, so if there's a page number with the fix that'd be awesome. Don't want to search through 87 pages ;)
  6. Yea eventually when I scrolled to widgets the the launcher crashed and restarted and everything was good.
  7. Found my first bug in a while! App drawer in GPE went to two rows of display only.
  8. When can we expect beta 9? I'm also finding that a lot of stuff still isn't syncing, such as my Gmail and another app which used to always sync. I did have connection problems on my One before though so that might be the problem.
  9. When they release Android 4.3, will we be able to upgrade the GPE edition like you normally would through the settings or will we have to wait for a manual update from you?
  10. You might have flashed the wrong IMG. That's what I did at first and I couldn't see any contents on my SD card in TWarP.
  11. I would be flattered! He already talked about this. Planned for a future beta/release, but not on the front burner. :)
  12. First full day and everything is looking good. Quick thing about naming the betas. I know. I'm getting annoying. Last suggestion about naming I promise! Could we maybe use a x.x naming system? Seems some betas have very small tweaks unworthy of a full new beta release. I feel we should use a better system so we don't wind up with a beta 20. But I know. Obviously not that important. Just my two cents :)
  13. Yep! Checkbox is ticked next to Gmail under my Google account in Accounts and Settings for both ROMs. Not getting notifications on either ROM. I get notified of texts and other apps though. Also, randomly, it will make me confirm that I want to use my SIM on T-Mobile. Has only happened about 3 times since Beta 1. Not something urgent right now obviously since it's one click, and maybe it'll go away, but just in case if you know of a quick fix.
  14. Ok found a problem that I guess has been in all the betas. My Gmail isn't notifying me of a new email (which is wonderful! but unfortunately I need to be notified :( ). It syncs the emails, but doesn't notify me. Has this already been solved? We're on page 17 (18?) and I can't remember if it has been fixed via ADB yet.
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