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  1. It seems to work with a particular jack, I can only say that I have tried with headphones Samsung S3 mini and worked perfectly. If you have chance test S3 mini headphones (I guess compatible with all samsung).
  2. I use stock ROM 1022 15 days, it is very light and smooth - customizable with Xposes and no bug fixes using Gravitybox. This rom was great but now it is outdated, even by CM10.1.
  3. Unfortunately it does not work on everyone.
  4. Now I use this new rom: http://www.needrom.com/mobile/romvowney-v5jb4-2-1cm10-1-cyanogenmod-10-1-stock-mix-rom-by-filipmcmine/ Is almost perfect. It seems that the creator of the follow daily! He also states to resolve compass in the next versions. Hopefully!
  5. Photo "Gallery" problem, not read image from SD: camera can not be seen from photos.
  6. (Test for a short time.) Compass moves, does not indicate right, but I think this should mean that it is a software problem not hardware.
  7. New ROM compass work !!! : ROM Vowney V5 Sony S39h | [Custom] add the 09/11/2013 on Needrom Problem Camera.
  8. Typical response dilator ... Technical support Vowney asked not responding! It is probably a hardware defect, but do not want the state to avoid returns. If it was a software problem would have already solved, or at least they would have responded by stating that they would. Ps the compass does not work even with the latest rom V5T!
  9. I wanted to say that I am very satisfied with the V5 but I'm not absolutely Vowney that ignores the problem compass: does nothing and says nothing. In this way Vowney will not go far ... In fact, it seems to me that the initial interest on this phone, lately has collapsed.
  10. Rom V5T not work on V5: no signal. I have tested V5T stock. I do not even work the compass.
  11. "Bluetooth GPS" with works, I'm using it. Perhaps we need to enable "mock locations" "Bluetooth or other settings, can not remember.
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