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  1. Dude, this is BETA... which means it is under testing, bad things can happen... Quit whinning!
  2. Hey Paul, On Blinkfeed, when I try to add sources, all the information sources appear in arabic or some other language I cannot read. Tried changing the OS language but it just stays like that. My current language for Android is English US. Cheers! Edit: I have made myself look like an idiot once again... :) If someone is experiencing this "issue": you just need to edit "Local Content" on Settings... DUH!
  3. Hey Paul, Sorry, before catching this I did another run with the beta1+beta4+su and it worked like a charm. Only issue that I could notice was that the blinkfeed feeds were in arabic language. If you want I can go back to just Beta1+SU and run the adb to check that out or just update to Beta5. Just let me know. Cheers!
  4. Paul, I feel like an idiot, I was having the so called WiFi issue, but I realized I was not S-OFF, so guys experiencing the WiFi issue, please pay attention to the pre-requisites. Also, if you try to flash this from CWM it will tell you if you want to overwrite the Recovery, I think the right answer would be yes, but it makes you think that telling no will render you custom recovery-less. So again, as Paul you suggested, better to stay on TWRP. I am now experiencing the issue where I try to switch to GE(having disabled the Fast Boot option already) and it would boot again to Sense. Tried this 3 times, will be testing a couple of other things before even calling this an "issue". Will post my results later on. BTW, my model is Developer Edition. Now my bootloader reads like this(after proper Revone S-Off): *** UNLOCKED *** M7_UL PVT SHIP S-OFF RH CID: BS_US001 HBOOT: 1.44.0000 Radio: 4a.17.3250.14(I upgraded to this as troubleshooting for the so called "WiFi issue" but didn't fix it, as stated above proper S-OFFing did the trick) Cheers!
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