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  1. Does anybody know how to change app icons separetly and/or the whole iconpack? On the homescreen the edit option doesnt let me to change the icons just the name. I used cm10.2/4.3.1 from Dazozzo and as I remember there was an option to apply iconpacks , but here I didnt find. Or do I have to do some tweaks for change the iconpack? Thanks
  2. I have the CM10.2, the latest. Is there a chance to install the CM11 with the CM updater - as it offers - on the CM10.2 with my installed apps without any issue, or do I make a clean full wipe install? I have the latest TWRP 2633
  3. Is it possible to get a link for CM11 here, or for the new thread? I dont find it... sorry and thanks
  4. Installation FAILED with CM10.2-20131205 nightly. I tried also whith manual flash twice, without success. Do not install this 20131205 nightly!
  5. ...as the Apple, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo putted backdoors/wickets for US NSA... It's more dangerous I think...
  6. @ Ceastel, as I see only the CM10.2 has no kernel here. Is it possible to do for it , or can I try 10.1kernel for 10.2?
  7. Well, AOSP maybe not, but CM10.2 AOSP kyboards works like Swype. Not as good as Swype, - I am using Swype - but it works, I tried. And also I saw there is an option to set this feature in CM11 too, but it crashes all the time. =) PS.: I can confirm, just checked it in CM10.2 and Android AOSP keyboard works like Swype.
  8. I am using 10.2 since nightlies came out, and I am using it as daily driver. Works everything well, only problem with just the HWA, which means games are not ok, and some launcher performance is slow. And also there is no anti-aliasing in youtube videos. But the basic launcher is smooth and quick to me. You can use it for normal use. =)
  9. thanks for the quick cm11 port to Dazzozo I tried it, but I prefer cm10.2 at this moment =) but a very good start
  10. Thank you, meantime I solved with fastboot with a laptop, so now I have CWM6044 and trying this cm11 =)
  11. this was a bad idea... my recovery dissapeared with this zip doesnt come up =/
  12. Really appreciate if anybody would make a flashable zip with the right TWRP or CWM. Thank you very much.
  13. Well, I am not a developer, I just think that maybe there have to be a script/order in the cm updater that leave the gapps alone while cm updating. =)
  14. In my opinion its not possible. I also convert an app to a system app, and after the cm update , it has dissapeared, and have to install again, and to convert it to system app again. In the update there is an automated wipe in dalvik cash, and I think there is a system wipe too, thas why.
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