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  1. silverwolf6625

    CyanogenMod logo

    OK cheer dude i try that next time seems to work fine with CyanogenMod 10.1
  2. silverwolf6625

    Huawei u8815 Pink screen

    My phone working fine now and i have CyanogenMod 10.1 on it.
  3. Hey i tried to flash my phone with CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM and i had logo come up and it wouldn't load so i did wipe on cache and tried reinstalling but still no so i try to do a restore back to my normal ROM and it tells me i have no file on it kind of sure i backed it up but im stuck see i can not get past cache logo at all which i can not get on my phone but i can get in to recovery menu plz help . is there anyway to boost in to usb from recovery to copy over stock rom or some think . never mind seem to have wiped cache again and this time it picked up the install working fine now.
  4. ok cool dude can i get latest version of cwm on here or btw not sure which one it is wait nvm found it lol yer just flashed it like a normal rom i just delete my old thank you very much for helping me.
  5. yer man i think iv rerooted my phone anyways yep iv rerooted seems fine could i just ask how would i go about updateing cwm recovery iv got think i need to upgrade lol not to sure how so very new to all this
  6. For some reason when i copy over the dload folder and hold down up and down vol key and hold power it loads up pink screen iv tried formatting my sd card.
  7. silverwolf6625

    Huawei u8815 Pink screen

    Ok i seem to have been able to get cwm based recovery on my phone i make back up of it just to make sure and trying stock rom if all goes well i plan to root again but this time i no not to delete things for some reason when i do a backup its comes up done freeing space but after it i get error while makeing a back image of /system.
  8. silverwolf6625

    Huawei u8815 Pink screen

    i check now sorry all this phone stuff is so new to me 4.0.3 and baseband is 2013
  9. silverwolf6625

    Huawei u8815 Pink screen

    Ok i tryed it but when i boost up i just get pink screen and have to pull out the battery for the phone to restart it wont seem to let me in to the Recovery Mode which kind of sucks dont think i can apply update it if wont load.
  10. silverwolf6625

    Huawei u8815 Pink screen

    nope i will try now
  11. Hey im trying to unroot my phone back to stock ROM but im not to sure how to if anyone could help that be great. Ok for some reason when i try to go in to the Recovery Mode it comes up with pink screen i restart phone works fine i can not get in to Recovery Mode.

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