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  1. TWRP has been acting up lately with large files .
  2. Was running well for a few days after installing Beta 12 and was switching from both roms without any problems but starting just now when i try to switch it boost back into the same rom .
  3. Yeah i see that, thought he could whip something up from it .
  4. Paul are you gonna try the leak Sense 4.3 or you are waiting for official release ?.
  5. Don't know if anyone is having this problem but i did a clean install 4 times, set up on both side GE and Sense, switched between roms a few times and everything looks and works great then while on Sense i did a reboot and after reboot it's stuck on the first screen which is the "Blink feed" screen and it only shows the the clock and the weather at the top the rest of it is just black. I can't swipe to my other home screens, when i touch the screen it just vibrates . This happen to me four times now, think i'm about to give up on flashing this rom .
  6. After installing Beta 10 should my Android Version still be 4.2.2 ?. Edit :- Ok i see now, 4.3 is only on the GE side .
  7. Yeah it's still not sticking, just gonna forget about xposed for now as i've install a nice theme on the sense and some mods on the sense side and i have a nice icon set(Motif) and battery Mod with some UCCW and other widgets on the GE side that makes it look as if i have a theme installed. I'm loving my setup right now so no worries .
  8. As soon as you said that i look at the " Xposedinstall-2.1.4-lswitch.zip" and i found one app_process .
  9. When i install a tweak from the tool box it does not stick after a reboot, e.g."advanced reboot option" . The "app_process" that was instructed to put in Switch GE and Sense where is it ?, i check the Xposed installer zip and i see 3 in "armv5te" ending with:- sdk15,sdk16 and sdk17 and also 3 in "armv7-a" ending with the same 3 sdks. Which of these am i to use ?.
  10. I tried but can't get Xpose tweaks to stick .
  11. Strange, i had it in the GE Rom and it suddenly disappeared .
  12. I miss informed, it's on the GE side, reflashing beta 8 didn't fix it .
  13. My "SwitchUp" app for showing updates etc. disappeared from the Sense rom .
  14. You can even flash TWRP from your phone if you are not near a PC , use an app in the Playstore call "Flashify" .
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