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  1. endryl

    star q9000 (q5) mkt6589

    Recently the chip you mentioned started to fail so is the accelerometer and there goes the screen rotation... I'm also experiencing an issue with the front camera which is not detected. Hardware problem ? Maybe because I made an factory reset and it's still not working.
  2. endryl

    star q9000 (q5) mkt6589

    Ok, so it's best to know I had a ZTE Blade before having this one, so you'll guess there's quite a huge gap between the specs of these phones. It's a mtk6589 quad core at 1.2Mhz with 1Gb ram and 4Gb of rom. A 5" screen displaying 1280x720px I had no problem with unboxing and starting the device and the developper menu was already unlocked. The options to share connexion are available but I haven't tested yet. It run smoothly, the bluetooth is working well. I applied a modification on engineer mode to get a gps fix (accessed via MobileUncle app) location, enable EPO +Auto Download. I experienced several issues with this phone : - At the 2d boot a green line started to appear. It was fixed by running a 2 hour undead pixel video on Youtube. - Be carefull of correctly inserting your microSD card or your phone is gonna be really slow, it took me a whole day to realize that. Don't blame me for it, I'm daddy once again and my baby boy doesn't seem to be as much than I in need of sleep. - the speaker was done after putting max volume and playing 2 minute of music for my daughter, so her dance was quite shortened... The speaker bar had to be changed and I was lucky to find a place where they accepted to look inside the phone and repair it because I didn't want to send it back in China for a few weeks. As I'm in France, I haven't tested yet if the 900MHz 3G bandwidth works which is quite common in the country and in little towns. For now, all the problems are fixed, I have yet to test the last thing I mentioned. For the rest, the phone pick up well, the data from the phone network is received faster than with my Blade. Wifi is working correctly and the apps I tested are running smoothly. Let's see how it's doing in a few month I hope for no more issues. Just for info, Antutu score: 12269 CPU: 5897 RAM:2208 GPU: 3519 I/O: 645 For the alternate rom I was used with the Blade to quite have the choice with the ROMS and I quite liked the cyanogenmod rom based named ecoCM9. I even tried a CM10 by Konstat which worked a bit slow for me. I'm not used in making reviews so if you have a question, feel free to ask. Regards
  3. endryl

    star q9000 (q5) mkt6589

    Hello, I just received my phone from hongkongeek (shipped quickly with DHL, my command went smoothly, second time I order here without problem) and I wonder if anyone here knows an alternative rom that could be installed on this device. Maybe a cyanogen mod rom ? Because cyanogen team integrated a fix for the recently discovered Android security flaw. Thanks in advance ;)

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