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  1. Well , this is my situation whit my phone. The problem i think is that the 2° step of the procedure (hack imei) have definitifely blocked my boot and relocked the bootloader. Because the imei is changed and i don't know it i'm unable to unlock the imei because a dont know the imei and the relative unlock code. I think the the phone is definitively broken. The logo of the splash are scraped and any command whit adb or fastboot are non working. For adb because he can find the device and for fastboot because the booloader are locked.
  2. Hi, i write because i had some problem with the imei hack tool. The problem is that i've try to use this app on G600 (U8950-1) but seem that seem that the boot-loader is returned to locked. I have backed up my imei successfully (folder with file 5.img) o have hacker successfully ( 2nd pass) but now i can't restore my imei backup because the boot-loader as been re-locked. Because the hack file contain another imei code and mi unlock code is not compatible with hacked imei my phone is bricked. So i answer to you: Do you know the imei contended in the 2nd img file used to hack the phone. Because without this imei are impossible to re unlock mi phone. Alternatively is possible to create an hacked img file for my phone? Thank's
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