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  1. Many thanks for this repack Shockey. Nice solid reliable ROM, battery seems good and with Holo launcher everything is slippery smooth. Proof yet again that stock based is best (IMHO)
  2. Thanks for putting this handy list together, its great to see how much is going on with the y300!
  3. Nice ROM. I like the launcher set up and clocks. Restored apps(27) and other bits via hisuite and everythings working very smoothly Lewa and cwm touch recoveries wouldn't flash rom but basic cwm did. Got issue with battery ( now won't charge over 50%) but I think that's down to me after flashing rom on a low battery! Edit: problem with battery finally resolved with repair app from play- back on slim v1, won't get bored with nova prime again.....
  4. Downloaded last night and had days use on my y300. Battery seems better and very fast ROM. Not had a chance to check out any tweaks but having the option to do so easily is excellent. Many thanks for your work.
  5. Lol, bet u didn't waste as much time as me though! Still trying to figure out the benefit to being scared witless as your screen disappears mid flash!
  6. For the benefit of anyone ekse having this problem with lewa recovery. Just spent ages wasting my time trying to install a working alternative to lewa, finding non working touch screens on all others. In the end went back to lewa, went into settings and disabled screen timeout and everything's fine now!
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