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  1. Thanks Gbosh, a bit late on the reply sorry. Yeah so far MoltenMotherboard is the best Rom I have used (thanks again). I don't have the problem of refusing to wake from sleep, but I do get random black screens that need a battery pull now and then, that occurs mid-activity. There's a problem with any video app too, I get a reset about 20mins in of video. Always thought it was memory related.... As for Int2ext, I am getting more and more intrigued! Do you have any links for that or tips from your own experience? I read that you can't run it alongside link2sd which makes sense but I don't know how to swap over.
  2. I'm reading this post with some sadness. Late to the party but not really ready to hang up the trust Crescent!! I have Z right now so the Crescent is really my guinea pig phone. I've tried various things and I'm currently running gbosh's Molten Motherboard. I put Link2sd on there but the benefits were minimal, running out of space after just a few apps installed. Anyway, I'm back for more now and I'd like to know from both of you (or anyone) what is your preference for increasing storage space for this device? I recently heard of int2ext so I might try that but before I semi brick my phone (again) :huh: what do you think the best set up is for: partition, mount scripts, hacks for more smoothness, and any other newbie advice? Very much appreciated guys. :)
  3. @Rainer Hohn @Pierreism Yeah I'm getting it too! Pretty annoying that we have to wait for Google to fix it...
  4. Yes it's checked but it's the only one listed & appears to be the same T mobile one I created before. @gbosh Had a fiddle just now & all is working fine :-D my some details in the apn configuration were slightly off! Thanks for all your help & suggestions.
  5. Hi I set the permissions and reboot but still can't get a data connection. APN in general settings still shows the t mobile one I created. calls still work as before and I still have signal bar, only it's grey.
  6. Thanks gbosh, I tried that, had to download root explorer & copied and pasted (overwrited) the existing apn-conf.xml,with the ones you put the link. Tried 2 different ones but it didn't work. Restarted phone too. Once I pasted into system/etc, was there something else I should have done? @dodgetimmy I didn't fully test my gps as you did, so I'm sorry if I cofused matters!
  7. Thanks @dodgetimmy. Just wondering btw if Deep Sleep Battery Saver is better than Juice Defender (IYO)? I got juice defender but haven't used my device for long enough to see how well it's working but it seems to be working(ish)! @dwl99 At some point I will be trying FnC 7, you say the battery life is dreadful, but what about the other pros? After all you did ay you were sticking with it? (I know this is an old thread btw ^_^ ) @momist Thanks, for answering AGES ago!! I have only ever used 2 ICS roms since rooting my phone last summer, so I haven't used Link2SD in FnC. I had to read reems and reems to get to know what I'm doing & found it extremely tedious at times due to my lack of knowledge, but I'm back on the horse again. Anyway, the reason I chose Link2SD was because I couldn't get A2SD working and was just trying anything really. Lastly to all of you lovely people, What is your personal method of back ups, flashing roms, re-downloading apps, testing rom etc etc? Reason being is because it's taken me ages to download all the apps again, now I dunno if I wanna keep the rom cos certain things don't work & it just seems like a giant pain for me to flash a new rom & go through that whole process again? Thanks
  8. I found T mobile APN and created a new one, but mobile data it still didn't work. Any fixes or tips available? I'm getting gps working in maps. Really like this rom, just wish the mobile data worked :(
  9. Thanks man, just checked & apn isn't set up, just blank page.
  10. Yeah, mobile data. I haven't tried GPS yet but for some reason I can't get a data signal although I can make & receive calls?
  11. @CurtisAndroidSF2 sorry can you break that down a bit pls? I have same problem, got ICS Rom but phone isn't unlocked. Is that not stock?
  12. Yeah, mobile data 'appears' to work but doesn't actually connected, but otherwise good job! @Trotil Also thanks for link the trimmed gapps! (and Dovahpig of course)
  13. Thanks I'll go check the link (replied you other post before this seeing one). Is there anyway to notifications on here so I don't keep missing replies?
  14. Thanks dodgetimmy, I have 200mb for data, 200mb for system (constantly 1% remaining) and 40mb for cache. I rooted about a year ago or lets say, beginning of the year using the link in my previous post. That's why it is so old as you say. I have many questions that don't seem to fit neatly into existing threads and not many seem to be replying to new ones, so I appreciate the response. If I'm honest I don't really know what TPT is, only a vague idea from the reading I've done. The reason I thought I needed more system space (do I really?) was because ICS isn't as smooth as it could be & I thought 'system' was to blame. Also I can't update many apps via Google play as i get 'invalid package file' error messages. Please see the link I added to my previous thread as this was my only method for rooting this was via TPT. I haven't added any more ROMs as I don't want to loose all my app data etc. or is that just the way it goes? Sorry for this bombardment of a reply but I'm pretty puzzled. Maybe some of this can be answered via PMs/Inbox? I'm gonna go & check the link you posted above now. Thanks again :unsure:
  15. Hi, I'm new here and I've been reading a lot of posts about vivacity/san fran 2. I have recently rooted my vivacity using http://ics-t-mobile....vacity.html?m=1 but I struggling to free up system memory as I only have 1%. I'm using Link2sd - which I'm also trying to get my head round. I also have problems with button lights intermittently working and general sluggishness. Will I need this kernel?

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