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  1. As far as I know, no way around it at the minute - but it's one of the things rumoured to be in the update we should be seeing early next year!
  2. The large G in a white box just means you can see GPRS, you should see a small g in the space where your signal bars are when actually connected. As for the question re apps, it's all looked after by the OS - there's no way to kill off apps selectively at the moment. What's supposed to happen is that if the phone sees it needs more processor or memory it will kill off programs no longer being used.
  3. If you're in multi-tap you can get it by pressing the key an appropriate number of times - i.e. to get 8 press the key 4 times, you should get t, u, v then 8. T9 is more complicated since it's trying to get match a dictionary and you won't find many words with digits in the middle. If it's a single number, press the key and then 0 to cycle through the options, then # to accept it.
  4. Does anyone know if this includes IA Capture as mentioned in http://www.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=1034
  5. yeah, at the minute you have to remember every now and then to clean it out - although you can tell when it needs doing :D
  6. Well technically you can send photo's to email address - you've just got to do it via mms which is a pain. It's ok while it's free but going to be a pain once we have to start paying!
  7. When you're in IE select options from the Menu, then memory and select 'clear memory' - should go a lot faster :D
  8. That's exactly what's happening - the OS on the phone tends to keep the programs running until it decides you don't need it anymore or you need the memory for something else. What is needed is a task manager so we can see what programs are running and kill them off if we want!
  9. Wish I could fine one for BBC7 - the WMP one on their website won't work with the SPV
  10. When in IE on the phone, select options from the menu - then Memory and you can clear the history from there.
  11. Are they on orange as well? Cross network MMS doesn't work yet!
  12. Can it handle them? I'm trying to access http://STREAM.SERVSTREAM.COM/ViewWeb/BBCRa...t/BBCRadio7.asx but when I try to access it via explorer it downloads the .asx but then complains that the file can't be found but I can play it through my pc.
  13. Is there anyway to link an appointment and contacts together? For example, say I organised to meet some mates down the pub next wednesday is there anyway I can set an appointment with their contacts in so I can phone them all (not looking to do conference calls, just link the appointment and contacts).
  14. sch

    Battery Life Weirdness

    I think you'll find that the button's press against the case, which keeps the backlight on so you end up with a drained battery

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