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  1. Hello, Been modifying my Hudl the past couple of weeks and am trying to resolve the issue of not being able to mount the internal storage in recovery (message given is "Error mounting /sdcard!") but to no avail. Have tried modding the recovery.fstab which hasn't worked. I've used my Huawei G300 (with -Dazazzo CM11) as a partial reference as it also uses CWM and has no trouble mounting the internal flash, which it mounts from /dev/block/vold/179:??? but /dev/block/vold is not available on the Hudl, which is interesting. I have found one way which involves going into recovery whilst using ADB, mounting the /data partition (/dev/block/mtdblock10) and then manually binding /data/media/0 (the internal user storage dir) to /sdcard. I can then make a successful CWM-backup to the internal flash. I know that method's not a practical final solution but it's something (could it be integrated into the recovery?). I'd like to hear your opinions, especially if you have experience modding recoveries and/or Hudls, Cheers, Rob
  2. HI CM, Managed to get the kitchen but can't seem to get it to work beyond the main menu. Do you know if it only runs on 64-bit Linux or can use 32-bit too as I'm a bit stumped as to why it's failing? Thanks, Rob
  3. Hello, Recently, I purchased a Hudl and have since rooted and installed a custom recovery on it. As the Hudl is fairly new to the market, I thought it'd be interesting to create my own custom ROM for it as others have done for theirs. Problem is, I have no experience in creating my own ROMs as this is only my second Android device and my first is pretty much covered, so I've had no need. As I'm not about to blindly go and mess with my tablet, I was hoping someone more experienced could provide any advice on how they made their own Hudl ROM? I have read about the Android kitchen etc, installed it along with Java JDK/JRE and have actually added the Hudl to the 'edify_defs' dir but would appreciate any pointers from anyone who knows before I start. I'm running Ubuntu, not Windows, in case anyone suggests Cygwin, P.S. Apologies if this doesn't seem the right place for asking for ROM help, I thought it would be a good idea as it was Hudl-specific, Thanks, Rob
  4. Hello, I purchased a Hudl a few weeks ago and recently rooted it using adb drivers and the Kingo app. Since seeing this thread, I've been wanting to get CWM on the Hudl but unfortunately, every time I type "./rkflashtool r 0x00010000 0x00010000 > recovery.original.img" into linux terminal, all I get is "bash: ./rkflashtool: cannot execute binary file". Admittedly, I'm still new to the more 'advanced' methods of rooting, flashing (with the command line) but I'd really like to be able to so I don't have to rely on having to wait for easier methods. Could anyone shed some light on why I can't execute rkflashtool (I have done chmod +x rkflashtool too)? Apparently the binary may be corrupt... Many thanks, Rob EDIT: I managed to flash CWM in the end, I was just using the wrong rkflashtool bit-wise. Many, many thanks to glossywhite for his 32-bit version!
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