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    GPS Issues?

    My GPS was working just fine up until today. Now Live MAps can find the GPS on the Intermediate driver, but never gets a fix. GPSTest and SportsDo both get to COM4 while scanning and sit there for a long time with nothing happening. Tried GPSID and it's not helping. If I have to hard reset I'm going to be very very annoyed.
  2. Socrates

    It's quiet in here

    I got my aluminum today. That's about 2 weeks after I ordered it I think. Anyway, this case is fantastically nice. My one and only gripe is that the push button to release the snap on the belt clip has this sort of serrated edge and it scratches on me if I'm wearing an untucked T-shirt. It's a briliant design the way it flips over and allows the keyboard to slide out. I feel infinitely less nervous about my phone taking a bang or fall now. My one worry with wrapping the phone inmetal was that it would affect either GPS or Cell reception and that doesn't seem to be an issue at all.
  3. Socrates

    It's quiet in here

    So the first thing is that ADVERTISING SPAM is really slow at shipping things. I ordered the leather one for $10 cheaper from an ebay seller that's also in Hong King and that one got here in about a week. Still waiting on the aluminum ordered direct the same day. Anyway, the leather case is a very nice fit. It has the same bizarre notch in the bottom middle of the case like so many after market pouches do. No idea what that is for, but it leaves part of your screen exposed to damage unless you insert it glass to the back. The belt clip on this one is just the squeeze kind, no swivel pin and removable clip out of the box, but there is a hole there on it so I think you can add a clip on swivel thing to it. The quality s great. The only "major" issue is that the elastic on either end covers up the charging port no matter which way you turn the phone. you can kind of slide that to the side to charge in the case, but it seems like that is going to wear out the elastic and put unneeded sideways pressure on the charging cable/connector.
  4. Socrates

    FM Radio

    Well it is handy when you go somewhere where there just is no cell reception.
  5. Socrates

    FM Radio

    The Radio application is a mixed bag in this thing. On the one hand it's got incredible recption and sound quality. On the other hand, you have to live with the wired headset as it won't work without it. Plus you can accidentally wipe out all your presets with one accidental click on the FIRST item in the context menu. Plus, it never ceases to amaze me that these kinds of devices get only the FM treatment. I can listen to my 4 gigs of music on the card using my bluetooth headset. What I REALLY want in the next s7xx is AM radio so I can get live news and talk radio while I'm out hiking, biking, or working dagnabit.
  6. Socrates

    how do you hook programs up to GPS?

    Windows Live and Sportsdo found my GPS with no help from me. Didn't have to run or do anything special. Will say the GPS seems a little slow to make the first aquisition, but compared to carrying around the old bluetooth gps unit separately I'll take it!!!
  7. Socrates

    It's quiet in here

    www.ADVERTISING SPAM.com They have a variety. From book styles to puches to aluminum. I ordered a pouch and an alluminum. I'll let you know hoe they are.
  8. Socrates

    It's quiet in here

    The s740 is a sweet sweet phone. Everything about it is awesome. I'm using it on T-mobile in the US, so no 3G, but I will say that it seems to use EDGE faster than my s710. Maybe it's my imagination, but I'll have to run some speed tests and see what the deal is. My ONLY complaint is the button light up scheme which is over-engineered and too clever to be useful. It's annoying, but you get used to it quick. I mentioned this in the "customize my s740" thread, so if anyone knows if there are settings or reg hacks to control this let me know. The phone is really fast. I have encountered only two oddities and both of those were with the camera software, both times requiring a reboot because of strang behavior after taking pictures. Been using it for photos a lot and so far overall it's fine, but as with all my previous HTC's the photo software and hardware leaves much to be desired.
  9. Socrates

    Help me customise my S740!

    I have an s740. I love everything about this phone. Except one thing. The damned button lights!!! Pressing the dpad does NOT make the keypad or home/back/soft key light turn on. In order to turn on the keypad lights you have to press 1-9/*/#. in order to turn on the lights for the home/back/soft keys you have to press one of those. In all my previous cell phones, especially my smt5600 and s710, pressing any button turned on ALL The lights. I want to slap the engineer who thought this needed changing. Plus the lights turn back off ridiculously fast. Almost before you can remember what you were about to type or press. Anyone have a hack for this?
  10. I suppose this little guy won't work it's 3G magic on T-Mobile USA. I'll probably get one regardless, but 3G would be nice. I absolutely ove my s710, but ever since it went in to HTC for "repairs" it just hasen't been the same.
  11. OK, quick search on google pulls up this MS page: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/6-1/default.mspx Which links to this page which is the MS one I had seen previously: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/6-1...comparison.aspx Which says that windows 6.1 standard has and RDP client. I just noticed though that is has a footnote that it's an "optional licenseable component". Does that mean that it's up to the handset manufacturer to put it on or not? If that's the case, then that is annoying. This is something I've been wanting. I've tried some of the hacked together and java alternatives and none of them really work very well, IMO. Was hoping MS would get it right.
  12. Bummer. I saw it on several comparison sheets seveal months back. One was from MS themselves I believe. I'll have to dig them up.
  13. Anyone try it out? How does it deal with the mouse?
  14. For the last month, every directions search I do comes out completely wrong in mobile Live Search. The new version does not fix the problem. What will happen is I'll ask it to find a place that is just a few miles away. It will ID the place exactly including zip code in the Los Angeles, CA, US area, etc, but then when it gives directiosn it will always ask me to drive hundreds of miles to either San Francisco or Sand Diego from Los Angeles. Looking at the map, it has my correct starting location, it labels the place in SD or SF as a place that's in LA. In other words it will show a North Hollywood (North Los Angeles) address and zip code as being hundreds of miles away in San Diego on the map. Anyone else having this problem? This is on an s710 with a gps bluetooth unit (that works fine).

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