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  1. Anyone upload Anyone upload this version for me please? the link is dead
  2. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/10/13/androids_cyanogenmod_open_to_mitm_attacks/
  3. This ROM could be vulnerable to man in the middle like the other CM11's?
  4. Why when my mobile is charging, it doesn't show orange led?
  5. Another day it happens a strange thing with my cell. It asks me to restart the phone because it said the sim card is not inserted. Weirdly, it always asks this in a specific area of my city. I don't know why but it's very strange. The ROM runs very good but when i go out to that area, my cellphone lost signal and show me that advice. I live in Guimarães (Portugal) and the area is Oliveira's Square (https://pt.foursquare.com/v/largo-da-oliveira/4ddd4d72cc3f0f51d1da5498), if this is relevant. Anyone helps? I will test with another ROM today.
  6. How can i do this? Any guide? I'm afraid my phone is brick. I have activated the art but my internal storage has only 80mb free.
  7. Anyone knows what is the latest nightly compatible with meo drive? I use the 20140410.
  8. I made something wrong yesterday. It already works, thanks :)
  9. Still shows "There was a problem communicating with Google servers.". I follow the guide (Clean update) on the first page but it still displays the same error. Any help? I can't install the module play services :/

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