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  1. Just install your backup & then d/l what you need.
  2. No they just mean not for the Sprint/Verizon One.
  3. I personally don't want the recovery and don't see why anyone here would either it would break switch would it not? Have a look HERE I'm glad to be rid of the "I'm telling big brother on you red text" without running a hex edited hboot.
  4. There is a newer firmware for the GPe ONE from Google, it contains a non-HTC hboot without the red text and it does away with the "tell HTC" stuff on sense side of switch. I don't recommend anyone try this that's S-on but for advanced users with S-off it's working fine using Crushalots modded 4.3_custom_firmware.zip found at XDA. Just wanted the switch team to know it's working fine with new hboot and radio. Again do NOT try this with the full firmware from Google only the modded version.
  5. Annoying is it? You can make it go away with a .buildprop edit, change your fingerprint to a different HTC One.
  6. Nothing to worry about it will NOT work if you apply it.
  7. Just to let everyone know this is working great after upgrading my bootloader and hboot to the 4.3 Google Edition that was modded so as not to change kernel or recovery.
  8. No need to worry it would fail looking for recovery if you did accidentally hit it.
  9. I don't really mind setting my options after install. I wish the kernel Dev offered his kernel in a non aroma setup. It would make converting to switch much easier. When I have time I will modify the script to work fully.
  10. Yes your sense side zip I can verify is working without issue. The first one I did in OP borks home button on one side or other depending on which side you boot into first.
  11. Make sure to use the one descenpet posted then switch. I'll update one for the GPE side and put both in the OP later.
  12. Just reflash Beta1 then Beta8 all will be well again Well you also need any of the required stuff like S-on and root
  13. I've done some more testing and come to the conclusion we should probably make two installers. Even if we want to use the same kernel I think it will work better to pack a sense version and a gpe version. Sorry I can't update quicker but I have too many kids.
  14. I think it's something to do with this kernel in going to repack another one today.
  15. Set up your options you want enabled in TricksterMod.apk. That's what I had to do. In both roms.
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