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  1. Anyone have ideas on how to get the at&t isis mobile wallet app on a custom rom like this one? I feel like the build.prop is causing the issue. I cannot find it in the app store and I cannot install the app when downloaded online.
  2. Paul, I'm really sorry to bug you, i know you're very busy, but you haven't yet responded to any of my posts or messages. By the way, SWITCH is by far the best modification for android! Thanks for letting me test it out!
  3. Hey Paul, I've been testing Switch on the HTC One, but unfortunately the phone's mic doesn't work anymore. AT&T has replaced my phone with an S IV, because they the HTC One is out of stock. Anyway, I can't live without Switch. I'd really appreciate it if you would allow me to beta test Switch on the S IV.
  4. it's a pain but it's working for me. It only works inside HTC's original messages app.
  5. Robinwe97 I don't think it'll let you, but on the off chance it does, I wouldn't do it. It'll definitely screw up Switch.
  6. @Lennyuk do you have any advice for transferring all my data from my one to the s IV?
  7. Hey Paul, AT&T has switched me over to a galaxy S IV because of a warranty issue. I'd like to help out with testing Switch on the new phone. I'm not sure if you're at the beta stage yet, but I love switch and I can't live without it after this. Other devices just seem boring now.
  8. I've used HTC's sms backup several times before switching ROMS and clean wipes. I believe I've also used Titanium Backup once for messages, but I don't think I've ever backed up settings.
  9. I am on AT&T. I do still experience this. I believe the only time I send duplicates are when i get the message saying the the message was not sent, and then I manually resend just to get rid of the notification. Most of the time when I receive the error message, it does send the message, as I will receive a replies to the texts even when it says message not sent. Lennyuk, I have restored my sms messages from a backup several times, but I'd like to keep them. Is there any way that I can keep the messages without having this issue?
  10. Thanks for the info, I did not know if s-on would be set by the ruu or not.
  11. I've determined that it is a hardware issue, and AT&T will replace my phone free of charge, even changing the color for me. The only thing is that I need the phone to look as though it hasn't been touched. I have been able to remove the tampered flag, but it still says S-Off and unlocked. Is there a way to change these?
  12. Thanks a lot @Lennyuk, I'll let you know what happens!
  13. I have the same problems in the GPE ROM too. Could you tell me the best way to back up apps and data before a wipe?
  14. I think the issue is with the noise reduction mic on the back due to the fact that I can call using speakerphone. I think that it is canceling my own voice.
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