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  1. Nope if you already did B12 then B13 Paul just uploaded a full B13 zip for clean installation (no B12 needed) Btw, I'm understanding well that I need to put the ADB command to activate the new S-ON trick you put @ Paul. Cause simply flash the zip do not work for me, it's always going in recovery when Switching
  2. Hi Paul Thanks for you work here. Everything is now ok and fixed :) Huge thanks. As I'm S-On I'm gonna try your trick asap One more time ... THANK YOUUUUUUUU
  3. com.android.phone this is the exact error message I got too, Paul do you need more logs or you assume this is ok with that one ?
  4. CID: VODAP203 (obtained with CIDgetter cause do not appears on the bootloader since unlocked) Hboot: 1.54.0000 OS: Never used a 4.3 sense ROM too Have a SIM pin code too
  5. I use googlesync too and baseband is now 4A.18.3263.15_10.38h.1157.04l but bugs were the same with the original 4A.17.3250.14_10.39.1150.04L
  6. Thanks for your reply Paul, I'll wait patiently but, may I ask one more time if a link to download beta 11 still available please ?
  7. Yes I am unfortunately :( I already did a lot of totalwipping of the system. No matter how I configure first the One (in Sense or Gpe ROM) at the second or third boot, the bootloop comes back. It still stucked at the First HTC logo and noteven succeed in displaying the One boot logo. Is there a way I can dump something for you to see what happens in my phone ? Do you think it's possible too to obtain the beta 11 old link in order to have a working phone :P ? I can make test for you if needed but I'll need to have an available phone for my contacts to reach me ;)
  8. @lennyuk and paul Do you have some informations regarding a new update? Even if beta12 works fine for some user, since the beginning of Switch, this beta have the bigger number of failed reported there :)
  9. And ? If your old ROM was a stock One ROM before installing the Switch ROM, do not expect to the Gpe Rom to re appear magically :)
  10. Press the On/Off button during 10-15 seconds. The screen will shutdown, and when it's off, push and maintain down volume, the One will there boot in recovery mode.
  11. Does any one have a link to download beta 11 please ? As that one was working properlly I'm gonna retry Beta1+Beta11+S-on+Root and see how the One behavior hoping nothing was breaked during all those wipes and flash I've made :(
  12. Nope I'm not. The only restore I do is syncing some apps through the Play store. This morning I made another test cause yesterday night, switching crashed one more time. Here's what I did (I'm S-on, bootloader unloacked) - On recovery I did a full system wipe - Flash Beta12.zip - Flash S-On package - Flash Root 1.55 Once finished, the system boot on Sense by default. I Did not do the configuration there is minimal things to set before being able to access programs then Switch Once on Gpe I've synced my google account there, synced my apps, sync FB, twitter etc etc, everything ran fine. Swtich to Sense .... seemed Ok, check some apps and sync,everything seems ok there. Switch to Gpe .... traditionnals bugs restarted some main service seems to bug and main google apps crashed with a lot of pop ups As yesterday, if I go quickly in applications between two popups, I can touch the Switch app, there, the One ask me to enter my PIN ... but it succeed in rebooting to Sense At the boot, it still there without accessing the Sense ROM, only the logo still there for minutes and hours. The only way for me to recover is to enter recovery, and make a light data wipe that allow me to enter to the Sense ROM ... and restart all my syncs ...
  13. Here we are : after a new switch on Gpe, the One totally becomee delirious : every service stopped suddenly and nothing working in it. i managed to switch to Sense even with all those popups and once rebooted .... infinite boot and a no go to Sense ... I've remarked that in Gpe the sms database was erased as mentionned in the first post, but it seems to wipe the Sense sms database too : it kill my iphone sms db that I had imported minutes ago.
  14. No one have an idea to the question I asked there : http://www.modaco.com/topic/363797-beta-12-modacoswitch-htc-one-support-topic/page__st__1520#entry2154343 Btw, I tried AnTuTu with the last beta 12, I gain 3000+ points using it compared to others beta that gave me more 24k points ( 27493 with beta 12) :D
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