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  1. Would there be any issues with setting an exclusion file for it? I have no experience with Google Device Policy, so I don't know whether your phone would appear as 2 devices? Or maybe you can just leave it on for one ROM?
  2. Works fine in Sense for me. Do you have power saver mode enabled, and have you checked the settings in there? I had to enable feedback in Sounds and disable the disabling in Power settings.
  3. I assume you're unable to get LTE in a variety of locations? Are you in a weak reception area? I've found my original radio is the best at maintaining LTE where I live. Your results will vary, but the latest radio is not necessarily the best.
  4. How did you delete it? I froze it in Titanium and have been switching fine (once I sorted out fastboot).
  5. Thanks for clearing that up. Funny thing is, I forgot to disable fastboot in beta 12 and potentially beta 10 and it switched fine.
  6. Paul has mentioned custom ROM support for the future. My understanding is that right now, you are flashing a SWITCH ROM which happens to contain stock Sense and GPe. In the current state of ARHD, PA or any ROM, flashing them would overwrite SWITCH. My guess for the future is a way for ROM developers to make their ROMs switchable.
  7. Thanks for reminding me to do a backup :) And now I'm in a bootloop :( I didn't think a ROM would affect recovery doing backups? I backed up fine in CWM, and have just restored from it. Paul/Lenny: Should fastboot be disabled? I noticed disabling it is no longer in the installation instructions. Steps: Was in GPE all day Switch to Sense, this took several minutes. Way longer than it ever has Reboot into recovery (CWM) Do backup Reboot into Sense, again this took a long time Enable fastboot Switch to GPE. Did nothing, decided to switch back after maybe a minute Switch (bootloop) Edit: Looks like fastboot was the culprit. I restored, disabled fastboot and have switched a couple times fine.
  8. I only started backing up to Google after the last ROM flash, maybe that's why I've never seen that prompt before? I downloaded SuperSU just before flashing (~24hrs ago) so I think that was the latest? It's still v1.6. As I said, I was able to switch fine after wiping and flashing a second time. Do you have any instructions for capturing logs etc that'll help diagnose future issues?
  9. Beta 13: I bootlooped on first install but was fine on the second go. Steps: Wipe, beta 13 fresh, super su 1.6, reboot, minimal Sense setup, switch to GPE, google account setup, switch. It hung here I repeated these steps, but spent more time in GPE checking settings. Two things happened : 1. I got a popup prompt, saying this long list of apps (including a couple that were com.htc.xxx, should they have been visible in GPE?) wanted permission to access google services. I said yes to this. 2. A few google apps and twitter auto updated I've never received that permissions prompt before, anyone know the significance of it and whether that's why I could switch to Sense?
  10. I'm not experiencing bootloops and - syncing contacts with Google - have a SIM PIN code - baseband 4A.14.3250.13_10.33.1150.01L - never used a 4.3 Sense ROM - forgot to disable fastboot before switching, and fastboot has remained on
  11. Here to report that updating to beta 12 seems fine. I don't know what's different for the others, but here's what I did: Using cwm classic recovery - Wipe cache - Wipe data/factory reset - Install beta 12 fresh - Install super su - Reboot Skip through HTC setup Switch to gpe Setup google account. I did not have backups to google set previously, but said yes this times Some apps auto updated, didn't do anything else in gpe Switched a few times to check for bootloops. Back to Sense Restore missing apps and data from TiBU Restore HTC Sense and messaging storage from Helium Switched to gpe and back to Sense
  12. From the changelog for beta 10, 3rd post in thread: No wipe required - This update contains the 4.3 GPe update (release version) including location and calendar fixes. All outdated apps are updated in this release also. So you get Android 4.3 on the GPe side, and some bug fixes in SWITCH.
  13. I assume this refers to unchecking the Show notifications checkbox in Settings > Apps? I use this to disable the Power Saver notification in Sense. I'd be happy if my setting persisted in Sense and got lost in GPE (where the app doesn't exist), but sadly not.
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