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  1. g510_100 here. the only thing ive changed is the ksm option to enabled. san andreas is to medium quality. regards.
  2. great rom an great performance. im impressed. i can play san andreas ravensword etc. this is the unique rom that let me play this games smoothly. when i say smoothly i say no lag no reboots no random exit because of ram extenuation. i have google services and whatsapp running and about + 200 mb free. i can run openvpn. etc etc. the stock browser plays smoothly too. so drop the crap of chrome. im using the january 6 build because i read the posts after entering here to blame this awesome developer. sure there are things to improve but im so so impressed with the performance. thanks again
  3. best rom no dbout. Joestone I have a question. I have dual stack ipv4/6. works perfect, ssh, telnet, web access, etc etc. but all the web browsers Ive tested has ipv4 preferred over ipv6. setting the dnss by hand to ipv6 does not take effect. I do not find any information on how to invert that situation. no trick and no working plugins for browsers at all. please can you point me to any documentation that enlight to me. thanks in advance and tones of thanks for your work.
  4. i do not use google play. sometimes f-droid. joestone pointed 2 gapps try with the other.
  5. logcat from bt headset killing wifi connection: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7503335
  6. I have issues with the bt headset & WiFi. when using the headset WiFi gets down. if its hw related to my specific headset vendor or not I don know. I dont have other headsets to make probes. if logcat neeeded ill send. again thanks to the dev for this great job. we are so lucky to have the same phone as joestone. :)
  7. at first thanks a lot for the dev job. i think theres a bug in the a2dp while using wifi. the wifi connection gets down while using the bt stereo headset. this rom is superb.
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