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  1. Wow, nice :) Okay man, do what you got to do. Maybe one day we'll see it on our phones too.
  2. Don't be philosopher. :) I really have no time to answer your question about optimization but you could search for news that comes with this version of OS and what Google is aiming for. Also, Google bought a company which is optimizing apps for Android. They're messing around with Dalvik cache and some other things. I'm not developer so I can't really tell you what are the changes on the optimization field but you can figure it out by googling. I just wish that KonstaT would see this thread and answer if he has any plans on porting this ROM on our devices.
  3. Hello guys and mainly KonstaT since this is inteded for you. It's what I would ask you over personal messages but there's no way to contact you. Since Android 4.4 is releasing today, it brings better optimization for phones that have 512MB of RAM which means that our phone would perform better and be much smoother than it already is. Wanted to ask what are the chances that we're going to get Android 4.4 on our phones? I saw that you posted that you're going to find new ways to continue with your hobby and that you're done with internet message boards which I'm very said to see. Nonetheless, one big thank you for your work and don't let internet boards affect you as a person. There'll always be guys who are trying to dispute your work. Regards
  4. It's not about synthetics young bloods... CM10 no question.
  5. Yup, me too. I sent an email to the developer of Livestream for Twitch app but so far, no response. It seems that both of those apps work flawlessly on stock ROM, but not on CyanogenMod ROMs. I'm using CM 10 since it's noticeably smoother than other CM ROMs.
  6. Maybe I can help you on how to reproduce the wifi issue. Go into settings (turn off Wi-fi) and the same moment as you move the slider to "on" touch the Wi-fi as if you would want to enter just like when you want to browse for available connections. That should lead you to blank Wi-fi setting page and it would appear as the device is frozen.
  7. I just have quick question. Why are YouTube and normal (that I download) videos not as smooth as on the stock ROM. It's noticably(?) laggier, also the Camcorder.
  8. Nvm, I somehow did it with ES file manager. I would edit the previous post buy I have no idea how to do that on Tapatalk application.
  9. I pulled it from stock 4.0.4 and Aurora Borealis. Which app should I use to change put permissions? ES file or something other? Btw, I tried to reinstall the system and no good. The crossed com.android.music is still in the titanium backup all the way down at the bottom.
  10. What's up with the com.android.music being crossed in Titanium backup. I can't install stock music player which I like using the most. I tried pushing the app to system/app folder but didn't have any luck with installing the stock music player. Whenever I try to install the damn thing it says that the app isn't installed.
  11. Hey man. I just want to ask you do you know what's up with the blue screens with this ROM? I reverted to stock in the mean time because of stability. The only way of solving this problem is to put the governor on performance which lowers the battery life. I wiped everything like you said so that you don't think that I'm one of those guys who don't follow what you say. I would really like the answer to this question because it's really bothering me. ROM is perfect but had that problem which is key for some people who like long battery life and system stability. I guess that not even you have the right answer for blue screens but maybe I'm wrong. Regards and thanks!
  12. I installed this ROM and the only way to use it is to put my governor to performance otherwise I'm having problems with stability and occasional blue screens and freezes. But now everything is working like a charm :)
  13. I finally bought the phone. Immediately did the root and recovery. The only thing left is to install the ROM itself which I'm going to leave for tomorrow. Thank you for helpful posts and topics. See you around!
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