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  1. Job_CF

    Recommendations for a dual sim phone.

    Lenovo A820 is dual SIM and is still available at Amazon, eBay and other places. Quad Core 1.2GHz, 4.1 Jelly Bean, 4.5" IPS QHD screen, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM, microSD card slot, 3G WCDMA etotalk.com has a special offer at $120 plus shipping; reduced from $230. I ordered one on couple of days ago. I am in the UK, so one of the extras I asked is the Etotalk MOD ROM for $5 Unlocked and Rooted, it includes Multi Language OS, Google Play Store. It will also delete all non-useful Chinese apps. I don't know what CM is. Will that give me problems?
  2. Job_CF

    Recommendations for a dual sim phone.

    These are more than £100 so I could be of topic but does anyone know if Meizu MX, MX2, Xiaomi M2 and M3 are dual SIM? Some sellers at aliexpress say they are dual SIM but some say they are single SIM!
  3. Job_CF

    Meizu Dual SIM ?!

    Hi all Saw Meizu MX and MX2 dual SIM phones at aliexpress. Are they fakes or originals? Thanks.
  4. Hi guys! I am looking for a dual SIM phone; modern and reliable but not too expensive. At Aliexpress some sellers are advertising Meizu MX and MX2 and Xiaomi M2 and M3 dual SIM phones. But some other sellers say they are only single SIM. Not sure if the dual SIM models are originals or fakes. Please clarify. Also, are there any other quality phones worth considering? Any views on JiaYu G4 Advanced and Zopo ZP980? Many thanks!

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