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  1. Flea997 you probably didn't use stock rom for a very long time... :D this rom is much faster.
  2. I flashed this rom yesterday and tried antutu benchmark and I had 14800 points and 10-20 fps in last test (3d graphics). Today I tried it again and I have only 3-6 fps and only 11000+ points. I rebooted phone, wiped cache and antutu cache + data but it didn't help. Anyone knows what can it be? I have Y300.
  3. This ROM is awesome and probably best for our Y300 :) GJ But when I opened logcat I saw too many sensors errors. These appered with screen off and no apps running in background, just with usb connected. http://pastebin.com/WWPMhRad
  4. I must disagree. Slimkat have many small bugs and CM UI feels little faster.
  5. I just tired it but it didn't help. I turned on wifi for maybe 1 min and then turned it off.
  6. Can someone help me? I tried this CM11 and SlimKat and on both roms I have a problem that wifi is draining my battery even if it is turned off. I disabled every backgdound app via greenify but it didn't help. Do you have same problem or know how to fix it?
  7. Corn Flake

    Double tap to unlock Mod

    It works but it is horrible
  8. Corn Flake

    Double tap to unlock Mod

    But using this is pain :D
  9. Corn Flake

    Double tap to unlock Mod

    That would be nice
  10. It is here now! :) For now RIL and video recording doesn't work. HTCMania thread: http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=653276 download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!UMARyRYK!lpUFZOMLKW7t2n2I32Nd2eEri8-mvlVLtOAPaoHowDE To install you can use update script included in zip or simple flash all 3 partitions via fastboot. ps: it is not my work, all credits go to htcmania guy :)
  11. Just to be sure, this OTG is just for devies with external power supply?
  12. Corn Flake

    [Q][REQUEST] Sailfish OS

    It is too soon to ask for this...
  13. I have problem with youtube too. Also other browsers then chrome are still not usable :/

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