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  1. It is actually much worse than just the BBC iPlayer app. Netflix refuses to start and Plex cannot play any videos since the YouTube green bar fix. @Dazzozo I understand that you're focused on KitKat, and I'm looking forward to that, but in the meantime can you revert the YouTube fix as it breaks other apps on an otherwise good enough ROM. Thanks. BTW anyone else care to confirm.
  2. I agree it's unlikely that I'll go back to any Y300 stock based builds. I'm sure you are correct re. Daz posts. I'll hold off posting anymore X doesn't work posts as I'm not sure what good they'd do at the moment.
  3. I can't see anything there. Are you sure that @Dazzozo is still developing this ROM. I don't want to appear ungrateful, it's almost complete apart from the known bugs - green bar on YouTube hard crash streaming from Amazon MP3 and Google Play Music Bluetooth/WiFi coexistence issue. Fixed in 29th build Netflix - now plays for more than 10 seconds with no picture freezes BBC iPlayer - plays without error after restart of application. First attempt to play any programme results in stuttering audio/video subsequent attempt to play is fine. Tunein radio - plays like a charm :)
  4. Latest from CyanogenMod http://www.cyanogenmod.org/blog/last-week-in-cm-oct-27-13 /URL] "10.2 M1 Preparations We’re gearing up for the initial ‘release’ of CM 10.2 and with that will come a code freeze in the near future (possibly even this coming week). Be sure to follow the G+ page (or Twitter) for updates when this takes effect." @Daz will the code freeze provide an opportunity to hunt down the Y300 specific bugs? If so would a post if known bugs/issues be useful? I'm happy to curate one if required.
  5. Riptide GP2 works fine if you enable Force GPU rendering in developer options.
  6. Green bar still present on YouTube HD, Netflix plays for 10seconds then picture freezes, sound continues. Google Play Music and Amazon MP3 crash phone.
  7. Yep. Same errors as before. Green bar on YouTube with a color cast shifted down the image by the width of the bar, overlay? The Google Play Music crash has changed. On previous nightlies it would stutter then crash phone, now it's much more decisive, any attempt to stream music the phone crashes instantly. Either it doesn't like my taste is music or there's some work going on on that in the nightlies. :) @Daz I'm trying to capture a log of that crash, difficult but in general what do you need from us by way of feedback/reports to help your work. Thanks for bringing CM10.2 to the Y300, fantastic ROM for a cracking little phone. EDIT: 10:15am Bit more testing info. The BBC iPlayer can't stream video. I'll confirm later with other programmes. TuneIn Radio works a treat, in fact better than on stock. On stock and FusionX TuneIn would silently stop if one attempted background play, it now works a charm. Writing this post in tapatalk listening to RadioParadise via TuneIn Radio Pro. Made my morning. Thanks The BBC iPlayer does play, eventually, it stutters badly but a restart of the application fixes that. Bluetooth kills WiFi. Attempting to stream to Bluetooth speaker brings down WiFi.
  8. Daz. Quick update on Google Play Music. Attempting to stream reboots phone.
  9. Just installed this. Fantastic to see CM on the Y300. Only bug is video playback, YouTube has green band. Plex is very garbled, sound is fine though. Google Play Music stutters will check BBC iPlayer later. EDIT: 3:51pm BBC iplayer works! as does Netflix.
  10. Me too, thanks. I was beginning to fear you'd left us all for another phone ;)
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