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  1. Do you have Greenify and Google Search installed? Swipe to the search button on the lockscreen once and select google as default and you will see the google logo again i guess.
  2. Ok seems to be only an issue with the UKSM build though it happened when KSM was disabled. Now with the latest stable it seems to work correctly again. Sorry for the fake alarm :D
  3. Good to know that I'm not alone with this problem. I thought it was app related or something but it's probably not. The screen timeout is just being ignored and the screen stays on forever which is pretty bad if the screen turns on by accident in the pocket for example. I've never had problems with AOSP Mod before so I think this problem is probably related to the kernel.
  4. So the latest stable build has these tunable properties but doesn't make use of UKSM?
  5. With the new build I'm still experiencing quite a heavy delay when turning on the screen. With the 26/07 build (MPDecision) it is way better.
  6. In my opinion the new auto hotplug works very well. I've noticed that it uses the second core a little more often than MPDecision but battery life and performance still seem to be a bit better (I'm also not playing games). The only thing I've noticed that annoys me a bit is that there is a slight delay when turning on the screen. Sometimes it takes up to one second to turn on the screen.
  7. All the other Viper features are working correctly. Reinstalling the driver didn't help with the problem. The changelog says that the convolver and headphone surround+ are disabled on phones without vfp support but that can't be the problem as our phone has vfp support and the headphone surround+ feature is working correctly. I think I'll just wait for the next version of your ROM and then I'll setup my phone again. Maybe the issue is gone then.
  8. The driver status is normal. I'm using expert mode and the convolver doesn't do anything no matter which IRS I use (I downloaded the TRacks pack).
  9. Just a little question: Does Viper4Android fully work for you? I can't hear any difference when I activate the Convolver no matter which IRS I use. Anybody got this working?
  10. The screen doesn't turn on at all with your new build as soon as the phone entered deepsleep.
  11. This is what I thought of: http://winsupersite.com/site-files/winsupersite.com/files/uploads/2012/11/jellybean42-lock.jpg
  12. Would it be possible to change the design of the PIN Lockscreen to the design of Android 4.2+? Or maybe to the design of the SIM Lockscreen. Imo the design of the PIN Lockscreen is very ugly and actually this is preventing me from using it. :D It's just an idea though I guess it's pretty hard because you can only edit the smali code and I don't know if changing some resources would be enough. Another cool thing would be quick unlock but again that's probably too hard to implement.
  13. Why is the 600 MHz frequency from the table not available? Question: Is FRandom used as default with this Kernel?
  14. I think I'm now able to reproduce the reboots by uninstalling any app. Logs are full of warnings from ResourceType saying "No package identifier when getting for resource number 0x00000000" but those are probably not related to the reboots. At the end of the log some errors in ActivityManager and ApplicationsProvider appeared which could possibly be the reason for the reboot. I'll send you the log in a moment so you can see yourself.
  15. I experienced 3 random reboots today (soft reboots). Two while installing APK's and one while editing a text file. I have absolutely no clue what is causing this. :blink: It all worked fine yesterday. The last random reboots I've experienced before today were with your Cextel kernel and with moddings kernel on your ROM, but now I'm getting random reboots with the stock kernel? Really strange.
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