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  1. Mods please delete this topic. Sorry for bothering you.
  2. I have a question about menu, home and back 'buttons' just below the screen. Is there any method which I can use to turn their light off? It' pretty annoying when I'm reading something in Moon Reader or Aldiko.
  3. Guys I have problems with some games ex. Minecraft Pocket Edition, Angry Birds, etc. Minecraft starts but the screen is black for entire time so playing is impossible. Some of them wont even start. Any ideas how to deal with it? I'm using R19 with stock CM kernel.
  4. Yeah Ceastel said something about v0.54 being last update before Christmas;)
  5. I'm looking forward for your rom. I'm going to flash it as soon as you upload it.
  6. Thanks for reply, gonna change kernel back to stock.
  7. Yeah, thanks but does it fix problem when videos do not start in HQ mode? They are working in LQ fine, but when I swich on HQ the screen is blach, buffering bar is not buffering and the play button does not respond. Sorry for being so pesky but I don't want to install new version if it doesn't solve this problem(there are some other posts about videos not working) and becouse I spent some time on configuring this one. EDIT. Is there a possibility that it is not rom but kernel issue? I'm using CeXstel v0.54
  8. I asked before but no one had anserwed. Does R19 fix youtube video playback?
  9. Does R19 fix video playing in YouTube? I have problem on some videos, they do not start properly in HQ mode.
  10. I was able to solve it. It turned out that flashing kernel after rom and gapps caused the problem, so I reflashed rom , gapps, configured everything and then flashed kernel 0.54. Works good for now, need some more testing.
  11. Did anyone experienced a wifi problem with R18? I flashed rom, then gapps and then CeXstel kernel. I'm not able to reconnect to wifi. To be more specific, wifi turn on/off switch is not highlighted. I tried reseting phone but it doesnt help.
  12. Gapps link doesn't work. EDIT. My fault, downloading it from htcmania link works fine.
  13. Hey guys, i'm still on B04, but i want to update to the newest version. What wipe should i do?
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