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  1. Thit Than

    Is this because of hynix?

    Well, I've just sent it back two weeks ago. They said they would change a motherboard and I will get my phone back in January. But the update zip sound likes a great idea for the other one who also has hynix. Anyway, thank everyone for all the help.
  2. Thit Than

    Is this because of hynix?

    ok sir, i'll try force update again
  3. Thit Than

    Is this because of hynix?

    so, what should i do now?
  4. Hello everybody. I'm a new comer and I need some help. since my phone has a hynix flash memory (and an unofficially unlocked bootloader too) and i know it has a problem with 3.4 kernel in some cm 10.2 build. but he said it was already fixed, so... last week i tried cm11 experimental build on my phone (i didn't know before that it still has a problem with hynix) then i left it for about 5 minutes and then it freeze. i've to remove the battery and reinsert it to make it boot up again. and then this happened again, a several times! so i went back to cm7 and this time it seems the problem has gone. but when i turned it off manually, i've to remove & reinsert the battery again. finally i did the force update to b952 but it doesn't helped. the phone still automatically turned itself off, and will boot up only after i remove and reinsert the battery a several times. (except if i play a music before turning the screen off) so, at this point... is this because of hynix? if so, can i send my g300 back for repair? or i've to make it brick before thank in advance :D also, sorry for my bad english :P
  5. well, i'm from thailand and i bought it at 27/07/2013. and seem it's the last one they sold. that's return 05/2012. PS. sorry for my bad english :P

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