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  1. well i'll be back to switch when i can figure out how to use a custom rom. thank you so much was a blast
  2. also curious if there is a way to choose which rom to boot via adb shell? or is it necessary to boot up then use switch to switch?
  3. stike that many problems... anyone know of kernels that will work with switch? looking for better battery performance/fast charging... overclocking a plus
  4. fixed: adb shell rm -r /data/system/users installed elementalx gpe version after reboot to recovery from gpe side. no problems yet
  5. since updating to beta 13 upon first flash i lost status bar and home button functionality.
  6. if so should i flash the sense version or GPe version of kernel???
  7. well 24 hrs or straight trying and 4 computers later i went back to the comp that i had pushed beta 1 on and pushed beta 1 instead of 13 and it went right through first time... anyone know if i can use custom kernel like elementalx?
  8. sideload hangs at 1% forever and push creates a file but my freespace never changes and it hangs too
  9. please help!!! been without a phone for 2 days!! i failed to update to beta 13 and went into a bootloop upon switch. had no back up and i cant get adb push or sideload to work!! what gives anyone know what would cause adb to fail?
  10. The newer presets kept saying problems with original media and not loading. Old ones worked fine. I'm going beta 11 presently maybe that will help
  11. Google search update and working fine. Still HTC back up error randomly appearing. Everything else on gpe side fine. Problems with Zoe presets in sense
  12. Anyone else having having Google search and now crash on submit?
  13. I lost status bar on ge side and switched to sense switch back still gone so switched to sense. Couple days later I switched back and it was there... Google search bar and Google now have been crashing on search and keep getting HTC back up has stopped error all on ge side.
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