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  1. Got one on virgin and noticed issues with vibrate as well, running kk.
  2. I got it using my Moto G and Chrome. Havent tried it yet as I only got the phone today. Its a 16Gb Virgin one and for once its not filled with Virgin branding, links to Virgin shops etc. If I coud control the Home Screen better and have a more customisable internface then I may not go with a custom rom. Seems a nice phone.
  3. I.m having a small issue with folders on the home screen. I create folders and then they disappear leaving only one apps icon. Anyone else noticed this? I also see treuchet crashing at times and wonder if they are linked, however they dont occur at the same time and trebuchet crashes not everytime i power up. Apart from that though everything seems quick as cm10 and the rom is much appreciated.
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