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  1. Tried it with no luck. I will try another wipe and clean install later today and test it again before installing/uninstalling any apps.
  2. Tried installing beta 10 over beta 8 and managed to mess it up somehow so I wiped and then did a full reinstall from beta 1 to beta 10. Everything seems to be in order except using Google search or Google Now crashes every time in GPE with the error "Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped." Works fine in Sense.
  3. When updating from beta 8 to beta 10, do I simply install the beta 10 in twrp, or do I have to the follow the original install instructions and again follow that with the s-on package?
  4. Is there an ETA for when the beta 9 will be made available OTA via SwitchUp? Maybe skipping over for beta 10?
  5. Thanks for all the hard work. Beta 8 has been a great experience and I'm very much looking forward to GPE 4.3.
  6. I owned/used a Nexus S for a bit in 2011. I was on the standard Sense ROM before installing Switch on this One. Also, just verified by hitting it, it is the 4.3 update, and asked me to restart and install.
  7. Yes, in the GPE ROM. The issue is I'm afraid it will break Switch, but it can't be dismissed manually.
  8. I assume I shouldn't hit the "System update downloaded. Touch to install." dialog in the notification tray?
  9. Solved the "-24" error. Had delete the whole com.google.android.apps.maps-1 folder in /data/data. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction RobBull.
  10. I have encountered the "-24" error when trying to install Google Maps. I have tried 10+ times over a day with multiple restarts and switches between GPE and Sense. Any solutions for this?
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