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  1. The new build crashes too many times. Two random reboots in only 30 minutes. Anyone has this issue?
  2. There are some glitches during the music reproduction. Have you this issue? Thanks!
  3. There is a crash of Settings App when I open the Security sub-menu
  4. Use Moto X Camera. It's better :P
  5. Hey Dazzozo. The ROM is good. All works fine but there are some problem about stability. Too many random reboots. Generally every 2-4 hours. I hope you can fix :)
  6. Hey guys. If you unistall Gallery app and use Moto X Camera and Quickpic you can use videorecording and video are not distorted. On my G510 works. I hope to help you :)
  7. Back button and Menu button doesn't work for me :\
  8. Simbox97

    [ROM] PAC for G510/Y300 B5 (4.2.2)

    How can I install it? In TWRP it says Failed :\
  9. In all Kra1o5's 10.1 CMs there is a problem about Hangout App. It crashes after few moments. Anyone has my same problem?
  10. No.. the problem is only about Internet connection so 3G and EDGE doesn't work
  11. On R13 I have a problem about RIL. There is phone signal but I can't make a call, I can't use 3G or EDGE. I read a logcat and it says "no SIM found".
  12. When I take 3 photos phone goes in bootloop... Please try to fix :)

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