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  1. hello, i had sam THANK YOU YOU SAVED MY PHONE!!! I had same problem after flashing Firefox OS and then flashing CM11. Just go to that webpage http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=653276 and select your countrys baseband and flash it in recovery.
  2. Well it still has poor performance... And SystemUi crashes often, once a day random reboot. But anyways its a good rom, it has been my daily for 2 months now :)
  3. Well I have, most of apps stop on sdcard but when app is installed on internal it works.
  4. Well I have, most of apps stop on sdcard but when app is installed on internal it works.
  5. You have to delete file called hosts. It can be found in system/etc folder. Happens me all the time. If that doesn't work check you're time and date settings to be right because if wrong then Google play can't verify certificate or something like that...
  6. Hello! I have download GTA sa to my Huawei Y300. I have to set everything to lowest possible to play it but even this lags. Other devices like Galaxy s which has worse hardware than my phone but can run it on medium well. Do i have to update my gpu drivers? Or is the game optimizesed so bad for my device. Games like gta vc runs bad either and gta 3 lowest possible lags little.
  7. Try this: go to home and open recent apps and select the game and picture should come, i have same thing with minecraft
  8. Hi, could someone make mirror, because dev host servers are really slow, I'm waiting 15 min to start downloading. And adds are annoying.
  9. Now with fusionx 5 and antutu 4.0 my score with 0.3 stock kernel 1.2 ghz is 5500.
  10. On cm10 I get antutu score only 3500 with 1,2 ghz, and I have to set governor to performance to get 2 nd core to work. Btw good work!
  11. There's file called boot-new.IMG and that's the kernel http://mediafire.com/?2x4ymi5j7w7j0t1
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