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    y300.. xperia z
  1. Mahadi? Lucaaaa hahaga
  2. comax70

    [cm10.1][g510/y300]Xperia Z1 ROM

    English please...
  3. add a pen.... Sent from my Ascend Y300 using Forum Fiend v1.2.10.
  4. Good work Luca...(va molto bene)
  5. comax70

    I Think the END.. :(

    thanks for your work I understand your choices even after a year of Y300 are past xperia z for my work and excellent ...
  6. after hours phone not active wifi sleeping and a bug? and connected but no internet....
  7. ok work great whit full wipe goo luca..
  8. OK tested on 3g fast and smoot not lag
  9. Hard test ..... Grazie luca
  10. My carbon 4.2.2 si heree Luca and y300 the best

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