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  1. Get a new phone : ) seriously. You'll do yourself a HUGE favour in doing so. Today's apps are just NOT meant for a 512mb ram device anymore. Even a budget phone today would significantly make a difference. (I just shifted from my extremely faithful and familiar 2013 Y300 to a Lenovo Z2 Plus and it's been such a nice experience not wrestling with your phone and concentrating on productivity. (although I kind of miss the slightly more compact form factor, Z2 Plus is one hand operable)
  2. The beloved community is almost dying :') Guess it's almost time to move on. Y300, you were AMAZING! I don't think ANY other phone community beats us on the ratio of how little support the hardware makers gave us to howmuch the community STILL managed. Considering Lollipop is still not completely ready, it's possible Marshmallow might never run on our beloved phones (good job braving through with that mere 512mb ram). I'm considering an Xperia Z5C, it's got almost the same width as the Y300, that's important because I WANT one handed use.
  3. The rom is nice and smooth, the ONLY bug I've discovered is that USB Tethering doesn't work. (It's kind of important for me because otherwise my desktop has no internet)
  4. Give it up.. our phone isn't REALLY upto it. EVEN if we port Ubuntu onto our devices, we can't utilise ANY of it's features with just two A5 cores clocked at 1ghz and 512 mb ram. And even if it were upto it, Qualcomm's support is terrible. This is a dated, inefficient 45nm die that is several generations old. Adreno 203 has not only outlived it's use but it barely even came into market on more than a handful devices. Don't go by OS, don't go by device, go by how the two come together as an EXPERIENCE.
  5. Hey Luca, are you still taking that last request? :D could you look at Sailfish? http://releases.sailfishos.org/sfa-ea/2014-07-18_SailfishOSHardwareAdaptationDevelopmentKit.pdf#chapter.14 It uses CM base..
  6. Yeah, I know.. I'd rather he does. Infact, I wouldn't mind if KK dev has stopped fully because it feels stable enough. @Zum Really, read that link from my previous post, try to use this thread to report problems you have WITH the rom, installing a rom is a general doubt. I'm not going into details but I'd advise you to try these 1) Unlock Bootloader 2) Install custom recovery 3) Flash rom. You'll find more details if you read on them. Good luck @everyone else Okay guys : ) don't troll him.
  7. I check this thread everyday hoping for "sweet" news. Has KK dev stopped btw? EDIT: I'm not complaining.. I find it stable enough. Hmm new guy.. I recommend reading this guide ^_^ EDIT: While I admit this isn't a nexus, please don't say that again :)? It's a humble and very capable little device with perfect ergonomics. AND it's pretty slick with the right mods and bloat kill.
  8. It's a little buggy ._. I had a random reboot.. and yeah, lower battery life, But this is smoother than slimkat (Dalvik).. but it broke my rom when I tried ART.. This is the smoothest Dalvik rom.. but does anyone else have this problem when shifting to ART?
  9. *facepalm* oblivious mods and clueless topic posters.. : | @avenir791 we are ALL AWARE of the problems with the radio.. firstly, it is hardly a priority, secondly, our developers on break.. thirdly, theres no point in posting a topic HERE if only OUR devs whom we ALREADY have will read this.
  10. this is weird.. I had a bootloop.. either way, back to android.. I think somethings wrong with the file I downloaded on a side note.. wow @[email protected] lots of anime fans here... Cecil from Final Fantasy Sasuke Luffy
  12. hey guys, help.. which roms got the lowest memory footprint? I'm suddenly using my phone for productivity apps and could do with ram : ) p.s. I'm on Lunatic Pandora Jelly with Cexstel's kernel at the moment
  13. *facepalm* I am asking if the roms are COMPATIBLE!!!! because the device is so similar.. if so, its perfectly valid here I am not talking about THE Nokia X rom.. I am talking about roms which work on Nokia X
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