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  1. The new google camera app is incompatible with current version of modaco switch. Any suggestions on how to run it? Thanks
  2. So that used to work for me before updating to beta 12/13. now no luck. Any idea how I can fix it now? What APN settings are you using for ATT US?
  3. Did you try clearing data and cache from the messages app? fixes the problem every time for me
  4. I think you should just be flashing Beta 12, then S-ON then the optional superSU. no need for beta 10
  5. No no mods Im thinking I will try to reflash with the new beta 12 file. Ill let you know if that fixes it. Thank you
  6. Paul, thank you for the update. I have been using switch for a while now without problems until the bootloop issue. I thought SU was optional as I have never installed it in the past. Do I have to install now? I would rather keep my phone unrooted.
  7. Just happened again, all I did this time was switch to sense and back to GPe. Im S on without root. Error message unfortunately the process .comandroid.phone has stopped
  8. I was having bootloop issues also. Twice I manually rebooted into twrp. When I would try to get back into either rom is what set it off. Anyone else have that problem?
  9. How do I launch into recovery without root? Every time I do it by holding power and volume buttons down I run into bootloop and have to reflash everything. Thank you
  10. Second time this has happened in the past few days. Booted into recovery to make a backup. Then I booted into sense, went to switch to GPe and now im in a bootloop. it boots and then immediately says "unfortunately the process anroid.com.phone has stopped". I really dont want to have to reflash beta 1 then beta 10 then beta 12 and have to start from scratch. Any suggestions? Restored my backup and I boot back into sense without problem. When I try to switch over the same thing happens Just decided to reflash and start over. I think the problem is happening when I used power button and volume down to boot into recovery. Is there another way to boot to recovery if im not rooted without having this problem. Thank you
  11. Just installed beta 12. My status bar disappeared so I followed instructions to get it back. Put my phone down for a minute and when I come back its in a boot loop. Every time it boots up past the google animation it says, "unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped" It then resets straight back to the google animation. Please let me know what do to. I really need my phone tonight! thank you ** so now I was able to boot into recovery by holding the power button for 10 seconds and then holding power and volume down. I reflashed beta 12. Now I cant get it to boot back into sense or google edition. Any time I reboot it goes right back to recovery. Any suggestions? *** been trying everything. I first tried adb shell /data/SWITCH/sense/firstrun.sense, and I just get error message "error: closed" Then I used adb to sideload beta 1, and beta 10 back onto the device so I could reflash and start over, but I get error message "error flashing zip switch.beta1.zip" I see when I boot into bootloader that Fastboot is on. Please let me know if there is a way to boot back into sense or GE. thank you
  12. Any idea what to do if I don't have root access?
  13. Just updated and Im having the same issue. Did you ever find a solution? Thank you
  14. Can someone please tell me when and where I am going to be unchecking the wipe cache option. Thank you.
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