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  1. Hi, I have been using modaco for last 1 year with my device huawei ascend y300. Its been a great experience here So, Now when I bought a new device xiaomi redmi 1s, I see a lot of development is going on. Most of the users and devs are from modaco. but modaco does not have a dedicated section for redmi 1s. So I would like to request to openup a new sub-forum, so that we can continue to develop and discuss. Devs like kra1o5, darknightmare, syhost, fefifofum and many other is working hard on this device. we got almost 30 roms supported incl pac, aogp, mokee with offiicial support. thank you! greetings!
  2. I chked the changelog, says from r4, no call ringer delay. mean no delay while receiving call like other kk roms?
  3. I have to say, My primary phone asus zenfone 5 (2 Gb one) is working really great. for 150 usd I got hell of a device ad their support team is great. they released kernel source on each update, they are using 3.10.x kernel from 4.4.2 update. os is greatly optimized the phone it self is awesome. Using it for last 2 month rooted and did not faced a single crash til date. Its a awesome buy for me. Glad I choose Intel. they really do at their best. the hyper threading technology is really useful in app execution. Also my secondary phone redmi 1s is rocking mokee rom at its best. No issue so far. great experience from this too. inspite of having 2000mah battery. it gives me arround 2 days backup of medium use and 3 days on minimal usage! Plus asus confirmed 5.0 update for my Zf5! :)
  4. the developer preview for n5 or the emulator google released?
  5. Don't know about huawei but htc and asus as of now sure will.
  6. No more huawei for me too! but I would take a 64bit soc as android L is coming with it. htc desire 820 is a good buy in that area. also asus is launching 2 devices with intel x64 soc. at €199.
  7. moto is not a google device now. its lenevo's. though they have the old infrastructure but its not the same. mi3 is way better than moto g2. g2 uses a 1.5 years old cpu+gpu which will be dropped by qualcomm anytime next year as they are actively moving to 64bit processor and low cost lte soc. its their nature.
  8. z3 cross platform apps. http://forum.xda-developers.com/crossdevice-dev/sony
  9. Great rom. looks really good. but one question. Why z1 apps. you could have added z2 apps and whatever z3 app is working out of the box. hoping to see an updated build with those. I will try it with in few days for sure once I get my hands on y300.
  10. its built on a old base rom. if anyone here can rebuilt the rom with a newer base like b209 or even cm 10 it would be great
  11. what issue? try to uload a build tomorrow. I will rreturn this phone the day after tomorrow to my friend. I just took it to install this rom. I think she will like it. coz I am liking it so far
  12. thnx. I have installed this build and will update it tomorrow. its nice to see you are still working on it continuously. cheers.
  13. I just installed it. everything is working but can't set sd card as default storage. checked in storage settings but not working.
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