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  1. Hey Paul, When can we expect beta 3? Or firmware updates via ota. I'd like to have the latest GPe firmware, haha.
  2. Hey Paul, Great to hear from you! Do you have any idea when the new beta will be released? I'm looking forward to it!
  3. Tried to update ota on the GPe rom but it won't restart to install the ota update. Can you push it OTA, Paul?
  4. I got that update too. Have you already installed it? If so, Is everything working? Can anyone confirm that this update is ok to install?
  5. It's impossible to move apps to SD on gpe, right?
  6. Flash twrp 2.5 and flash the switch beta files again.
  7. Hey Paul! Do you know a way how to deleted system apps with switch? Because I can't delete them with titanium backup, it says: ask file not found. And do you have a fix for the sim unlocking bug in gpe mode? Thanks in advance! Keep up the great work!
  8. Hey guys, I've got a problem deleting some stock apps like chrome and hangouts. when I try to delete it with titanium backup it gives the error: 'apk-file not found'. I get this in touchwiz and in GPe. Anyone knows how I can delete these apps? Also, chrome is about 62 mb's big in TW and about 85 mb's big in GPe.. what's that about? Thanks in advance guys!
  9. Hey Paul, Could you fix the sim unlock bug in the gpe rom? It fails 19 out of 20 times here. And is it possible for the 2 roms to share the text messages? These are the only problems I've encountered. Greetz, Swa100
  10. BTW, I also have the SIM unlock bug. 95% of the times it won't unlock the SIM in GPe mode. Besides this problem this beta looks really good!
  11. Led notifications don't seem to work when I'm in the google play mode. Is it working on your phones guys? Edit: nvm, found it. It works now
  12. Hey all, The text messages don't seem to be synced between the ROMS. Anyone else has that problem?
  13. Just donated for the s4 version, can't wait!
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