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  1. After my y300 I bought Huawei G700, it's really good device but don't have any custom rom and only android 4.2 :( I sell G700 and bought LG G Pro 2 and this is much better then Huawei, but nobody can unlock bootloader (Loki) and g pro 2 doesn't have CM but i happy with stock kitkat and lg will update g pro 2 to lollipop :D (sorry for bad english)
  2. @H3ROS sorry for off topic, I replaced my Huawei Y300 with G700, he have mediatek chipset and there is no any custom rom like Cm, slimkat, carbon. But it's possible to convert g700 rom (4.2 EMUI 1.6) to AOSP 4.2 rom? Is it hard work? sorry for bad english
  3. How can I get back stock recent app? Like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-QjeF82MFVqc/UWmJBgCOaRI/AAAAAAAAE1I/2mibXDx6ApM/s1600/android-ics-recent-apps.jpg
  4. WOW, now youtube is not pixelated. Great work. Can I use original recent app switcher?
  5. very, very fast kernel, but the camera does not work properly, I think the reason is 426 mb of ram. :)
  6. @Chil360 I think that your new kernel is not as fast as the old one. The old kernel is "smoother" for me. :P
  7. @chil360 Can you use ceaxstel kernel github to add some features to yout kernel? (sorry for bad english) https://github.com/Ceastel/CeXstel-kernel-msm8x25
  8. Can you make overclock kernel for y300? That would be great. :)
  9. @chil360 Can you add some cpu governors or IO scheduler in your kernel? Maybe you can add CPU/GPU overclock. That would be great. I only ask. (sorry for bad English) :D
  10. Brate je l koristis akumulator od traktora kad drzi toliko? :O My max screen on time is about 4-5 hours :D
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